New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Spiritual Cybersecurity

In the mind system of humanity, there are so many risks in our daily lives. How can we prevent spiritual attacks and reduce the risk of being exploited? How can we identify our vulnerabilities to expose the risks?

Find Breakthroughs in Flow

Why do you download the data from somewhere invisible? Why can't you explain the data in words? How do you read the akashic records? These questions will give you an important idea of how to dismantle the great ancient magic that keeps you from sovereignty and freedom.

How Dichotomy Misleads

The technique of dichotomy is to set up the 2 categories as a polarity. So that consciousness and energy flow into the polarised system by following the business strategy and system rule.

Hologram and Mathematics

Whether it's a false universe or your imagination, regardless of its scale or concreteness, the mind system is developed with programming language, interpreter (encoder) and infrastructure.