The Secret Portal of Alchemy

What if all the secret manuscripts of alchemy are unencrypted? Magic and alchemy are the science and technology that most people don't know about yet.
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To achieve sovereignty and freedom, you might want to understand how the status quo civilisation really works, and how jamming techniques and hidden formulas prevent you from doing it.

Table of Contents

First of all, you must unleash your abilities to challenge the status quo - this is called Awakening. With your consciousness and mind technology, you will find your own way into the new era of complexity and transparency.

Preface: My Profession Is Alchemist

To share the knowledge I have gained through many experiments, I would like to introduce myself and the current situation on Earth.

Chapter 1: Job Description of Alchemist

Before we get into the details of magic and alchemy, you and I need to know what magic and alchemy really are.

Chapter 2: Discovery of Prima Materia, and the Public Key to Decipher

To find out what the prima materia really is, you and I will travel beyond space-time using an ancient time-travelling technology.

Chapter 3: Breaking the Chains - Hack Parasitic Programmes, Dismantle Your Mind Implants

To dismantle the great magic and its formulas, you and I will log into the secret portal of the alchemy network.

Chapter 4: Awakening the Fifth Element - Finding the Path to Human Evolution for the Future in 2030

What is the 5th element? How can we make the most of it? To find out more about the 5th element, we take a technological approach.

Chapter 5: The Art of Consciousness Hacking - Shaping Reality with Technology

There is more information than ever before, a technological approach can help you create order out of the chaos.

Chapter 6: The Dawn of New Civilisation - Revealing the Hidden Technology and Energy

The status quo has a huge number of dysfunctions and broken systems. So you and I use modelling techniques to find them out.

Chapter 7: Taking Back Your Freedom and Sovereignty - Open Source and Innovation Strategies

Virtualisation - Identifying how our will and freedom have been taken away through control and hidden manipulation.

Chapter 8: Dismantling the Hidden Magic Formulas - The Technology That Keeps You From Sovereignty

Like bending reality, why have your magic and efforts failed so often? One of the root causes is a hidden technology and well-designed systems.

Chapter 9: Building Your Own Path - Using Both Consciousness Tech and Electromagnetic Tech

With sovereignty and freedom, you collect energy by developing your own app and interacting with the environment as a catalyst.