New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

What Is Kototama Technology?

This insight has something very important to do with ongoing covert operations and hidden technology. It can be touched by information technology and observation of nature.

How to Prevent and Dismantle Mind Control With Your Heart and Mind

What does it really mean to open your heart and mind? What's the difference between what the spiritual industry has taught and the hidden reality? It's possible to explain it in the language of business and life.

New AI Architecture for Human Evolution

The cookie-cutter civilisation with current AI is designed to monitor, manage and manipulate humanity. To move forward, we need to develop a different AI architecture.

Why We Have Not Changed With Technology

We've been trained and convinced by the civilisation to believe that we're constantly evolving with technology. But the reality is very different.

Identify the Root Cause With Your Body

To identify the root cause of any symptom, using your body as an analogy is a really good approach. Because your body is built with advanced technologies.