New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Science With Magic and Alchemy

Today's insight is something different. You and I will dive into the ancient science that is almost forgotten. It reveals how we can create our own reality on a subtle level.

Find Breakthroughs in Flow

Why do you download the data from somewhere invisible? Why can't you explain the data in words? How do you read the akashic records? These questions will give you an important idea of how to dismantle the great ancient magic that keeps you from sovereignty and freedom.

Don't Let Your Reality Be Bent

In business, money plays a vital role of fuel and circulation. It's like a blood circulation in the human body. But most companies seriously focus mainly on how much blood they can make or take. Where's the purpose of keeping them alive?

Free Yourself From Fixed Position

From where you look at things is very important. The perspective from which you observe makes a difference. Looking at the mind cage and the illusion systems from the outside, it gives you a lot of information.

How Dichotomy Misleads

The technique of dichotomy is to set up the 2 categories as a polarity. So that consciousness and energy flow into the polarised system by following the business strategy and system rule.