New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Art of the Genetic Mind and Virtual Universe

Are you familiar with the Voynich Manuscript? If so, this insight will help you dive into the ocean of our genetic mind and the virtual universe we live in.

Reading the Book of Nature Instead of Scrying

If you're interested in reading hidden and secret information, try this method. It's called reading the book of nature and has been used by alchemists throughout human history.

Telepathic, Holographic and Psychic Communication

You already have enough potential to psychically communicate with other species, such as birds. All you need to do is send out good vibes to create a resonance effect.

How to Bring Well-Being Into Society

To make this possible, we must first prepare our minds and our environment as a prototype or a minimum viable product for a well-being culture.

Why Negative Capability Is Useful

The negative capability is connected to the design squiggle, the alchemy methods, the mindsets and mental models. All things are interconnected.