New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Time Travelling With Consciousness

Do you travel through space-time? How do you move through space-time? Why am I from the future? You may be interested in time travelling with consciousness.

What I Have Learnt From Channeling Experience

Most people like channeling a lot. But for me it's not exciting. But it gives us a lot of things through practical experience.

Magical Power vs. Spiritual Power

We tend to judge the magical power and the astral entities as evil and dark, and the spiritual power and the etheric entities as good and light. But we can see things differently.

Why We Have Not Changed With Technology

We've been trained and convinced by the civilisation to believe that we're constantly evolving with technology. But the reality is very different.

Effective Strategy for Thriving

Grit has been praised in many cultures, and people say 'don't give up'. But the truth is that you can give up and stop competing with others in the survival state.