New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

New Ways to Reveal the Truth

Many people know that the new era of transparency and expansion is coming. But the truth is, they don't know what it will require of them. What the challenges will be to enter it.

Sharp Question About Money

We tend to think that we can free ourselves from money by making more money. But the truth is distorted and hidden. So let's decipher and decode the fundamental truth together.

Chaos on Earth

When we think about what's going on behind the scenes in this world, we'll find that the common sense or mass consensus doesn't work for the truth.

The Power of Magic and Information Density

Losing high information density means losing the power of magic. But you can take full advantage of the status quo for the coming era of high information density.

Privacy, Freedom and Open Source

The world is changing with science and technology. Unfortunately not by the spiritual, religious, economic or political mainstream. Open source ecosystems are now a vital part of our sovereignty and freedom.