New Era and Best Civilisation

We help you achieve sovereignty and freedom through the development of mind technology.
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Privacy and Security at Low Cost

You will have a practical idea of how to start your own project at an incredibly low cost. Not only are the costs low, but you can focus on efficiency, your privacy and security.

What the Rainbow Tells You

Now the way we see, feel and think is gradually changing. As we enter the new era of sovereignty and freedom, transparency and consciousness expansion, we see things very differently.

Quartz Crystals and Mind Cage

It still seems like pseudoscience, but I think our creativity frees us from the mind cage we have created, misused and locked ourselves into with the electromagnetic tech.

Science With Magic and Alchemy

Today's insight is something different. You and I will dive into the ancient science that is almost forgotten. It reveals how we can create our own reality on a subtle level.

Security and Privacy for Everything

In cybersecurity, cracking techniques and malware are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It's like advanced weapons in information warfare. The same goes for your spirituality.