The Architecture of This Virtual Universe

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 24 May 2024

If you really want to get to the root of the world's problems, you might want to know what the architecture of the system is and how it actually works.

Today's insight is about the system architecture of this virtual universe we're living in. To know its design and concept is to identify the root cause of the world's problems. It's all about the human mind system, especially the genetic influences.

Diagram of Human Mind System and Virtual Universe

This diagram is an abstract design of the human mind system, and that means that it's the same as the foundation of this virtual universe. The way we think and act determines how this virtual universe works internally.

Throughout human history, a few determined alchemists and magicians have worked diligently to reveal the human mind system as the root of the world's problems. With modern technology, their work helps you to do so.

To be honest, this virtual universe is a bit outdated. On the other hand, most people still live in this virtual environment without knowing it. We can't achieve sovereignty and freedom if we don't become aware of where we live and what we've done.

It's important to think deeply about this architecture in a meditative state, or to feel it from the heart, like the Sephiroth of the Kabbalah. But let me add some explanations and use cases to know how it works.

The 3 modules of which you are composed

  • Entity is your individuated consciousness
  • Entity Object is your soul that refers to Entity
  • Object Instance is your human device

Use case: How your consciousness experiences this virtual universe

  1. Someone prepares a planet with planetary virtualisation
  2. Someone develops a virtual universe on the virtual host
  3. Someone induces Entity from the entity database to the virtual universe
  4. Someone sets up Entity Object for Entity to implement
  5. Entity implements itself into Object Instance via Entity Object

The dichotomy and how it has manipulated you

  • Ascension and descension as superior vs. inferior
  • Hierarchy based on Deus and Malum (Gods vs. Satan)
  • Being triggered by someone to move up a ladder

Use case: How you're triggered by someone according to the system

  1. You're programmed with the human mind system
  2. Your genetic mind has a dichotomous program of superior and inferior
  3. You are driven and ignited to become superior from a primitive state
  4. Your deep desire is to be like a god from the primitive state
  5. During the never-ending journey, you're taken over by elitism

The old-school concepts you might want to ditch

  • You're made up of physical and metaphysical things (dichotomy)
  • Your physical body is separate from your mind and soul
  • Your body is evil and your spirit is good (dichotomy)
  • Your mind/brain is bad and your heart is good (dichotomy)
  • Your mind and body are different things
  • There are unconscious things around you (someone is conscious)

I think you're already aware of this virtual universe and how someone once separated it from true reality (by sealing the heaven with etheric and astral magick), but let me describe a state of sovereignty and freedom.

The state of sovereignty and freedom is NOT to escape this virtual universe by abandoning your human device. It's the state of being fully aware that your individuated consciousness (Entity) penetrates both inside and outside the human mind system and this virtual universe, but your consciousness is free from the goals and rules of the system and platform.

This state enables you to consciously use both your human device and the environment as part of an advanced technology that humanity doesn't yet know about. In this state you're gradually knowing how the advanced technology works and how you can use it to solve the world's problems.

That's why the diagram we looked at today helps you and me not only to solve problems, but also to achieve our collective sovereignty and freedom.

For more details with more diagrams, see to the new article "Multiple Operating Systems for Human Device".