New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Mind DNA Now Changing in Human Evolution

We're at an imperative fork in the road of human evolution. The choices we make affect the evolution of the human mind, cognitive psychology and information technology, including new AI.

Time Travelling With Consciousness

Do you travel through space-time? How do you move through space-time? Why am I from the future? You may be interested in time travelling with consciousness.

Resonance With Stars and the Starseed Myth

When you look up at the night sky, do certain stars resonate with you? Why do you feel something about the stars? Let's take a look at both science and myth.

Think Outside of the Systems

We tend to think that complex things are intelligent and advanced. But the most of the time when you think about these things, you're thinking inside of the little box.

Rethink ET Disclosure

In fact, the ET cover-ups have been gradually disclosed. But the important thing for us is to examine the information with a broader perspective.