Open Research - Human Mind System

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 10 July 2024

To solve the myriad of stacking problems and dysfunctions in this virtual universe, we decided to open source our research project.

On 30 June, we posted a research proposal on our blog.

The title is "Research Proposal: Understanding How the Mind Works" and we aim to hack the human mind system to technologically reveal why we have been enslaved and how we can fix things for ourselves.

The main problem-solving domain is the human mind system, but it's too large to study, so we decided to focus on the following 3 subdomains:

  • The ego system
  • The genetic mind
  • Illusion systems and mind cages

The focus is mainly on reading and examining the book of nature, especially the chapters on the core of the status quo civilisation, which is the way we think and act.

Subdomains to study

The reason why we focus on these 3 subdomains is that we wanted to build a system trigger for your breakthrough to technologically understand and break multi-layered illusions and inter-dimensional universes - the white room torture.

Building the trigger requires a paradigm shift from the hierarchical structure of the status quo science to a new technological model.

Paradigm shift

With the new model, you can thoroughly examine the book of nature, which consists of countless mind cages, jamming formulas and illusion systems hosted in this virtual universe. It's the time to break the collective nightmare and upgrade what we've collectively perceived.

Abstract art for illusions

This artwork is the same as we shared in a short insight "Art of the Genetic Mind and Virtual Universe" and the insight describes where the leverage points are and how they have prevented us from sovereignty and freedom.

The strategic leverage points for enslaving humanity also mean that we will be able to use them as "reverse leverage" for our collective sovereignty and freedom. We're already seeing some results of the genetic mind being partially upgraded by the hard work of some individuals.

To accelerate the change and keep its momentum, alchemical collaboration between us is quite important. So we're constantly sharing our research, including materials and Python code, via our repository hosted on GitLab.

Ironically, git technology and its repositories are very similar to the genetic mind and the specification of space-time. It can be said that with the replica of the human mind system and genetics, we can hack the inter-dimensional and multi-dense deception systems.

Now is a very confusing and tough period, as the self-proclaimed ancient deities are trying to keep their unfair advantage by simply upgrading their deception systems. In addition, their human reps, including self-proclaimed ascended masters and spiritual gurus, are trying so hard to keep their authority and hierarchy.

This phenomenon is a kind of resistance like a homeopathy, but if we really want to change the status quo from the ground up, we as individuals and as collective species, need to collaborate in some way.

That is why our research project is licensed under MIT and CC BY-SA 4.0, so that you can inherit the mind modules and use them for your mission and purpose, including business and monetisation.