Art of the Genetic Mind and Virtual Universe

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 11 April 2024

Are you familiar with the Voynich Manuscript? If so, this insight will help you dive into the ocean of our genetic mind and the virtual universe we live in.

A few years ago I created 16 pieces of artwork using Keynote. Some of them may illustrate the core technology of this universe, which is related to the planetary virtualisation and the virtual universe(s) we're currently living in.

This is one of them, called "The Genetic Mind", and this explains the core components of the invisible mind technology and the deceptive systems that have kept us from sovereignty and freedom.

Artwork - The Genetic Mind

I don't remember why I created these pieces and what inspiration I had at the time. But one thing is for sure, my consciousness really wanted to express what I know without my five or six senses.

In my view, the genetic mind is a kind of shared resource pool for our mind systems, and the vast resource pool is very similar to the collective software repository, such as GitHub and GitLab. This allows you to clone and develop mindsets and mental models from the repository in order to develop your own reality.

For this technological specification, a part of the genetic mind is deeply involved in your bloodlines and ancestry. This part is most commonly known as the subconscious mind. It's a kind of mind stack for reality development.

As you can see in the artwork above, in addition to the genetic mind, there's an infrastructure that provides a data stream in the virtual environment. This data stream, in my view, is closely related to the illusion systems, because it consistently creates the information structure and flow for the genetic mind.

This system structure is very similar to virtualisation in the information technology on this planet. If the genetic mind consists of containers for each virtual machine, the data stream is like a virtual host and its network communication. We, as virtual instances or human devices, communicate through the NAT (Network Address Translation), which is part of the illusion systems.

According to Cisco, NAT enables private IP networks to use the internet and cloud. And it also reduces risk by hiding internal networks from public networks. This networking technique is the same as what I wrote about in the book "The Secret Portal of Alchemy" in the context of elitism and mediating rules.

So in this document I want to explain two points that have more in common. That is the platform and the strong leverage behind the root causes. One is elitism and mediating rules, which is one of the biggest leverage points: the goals and rules of the system. The other is the strategic technology in the information wars, the "firewalls and routing", which are central to the communication platform: the structure and flow of information.

From a technical point of view, NAT helps us to reduce the risk of exposing or disclosing our identities and activities, but it also means that the NAT admin is able to control and manipulate our communications. It also means that you and I are hidden from the open network of this galaxy.

In short, they have locked us into the deception systems with the illusionary data streams influencing the genetic mind. This is called the virtual universe, which acts as a vast environment for the genetic mind and our human devices. With these masking, mapping and routing techniques we have forgotten who we are.

Now, it's the time to wake up from the dream.

Interestingly, the illusionary data stream that I unconsciously put into my artwork is the same as the "cipher manuscript" in the Yale University collection. It's known as the Voynich Manuscript. I can't share the image for copyright reasons, but you can see it with this direct link.

You can see the mandala and there are the illusion systems that have the data stream in the lower left circle. I found this image at the end of 2023 and I was really surprised. The reason why I was so surprised is not only the similarity of what I perceived, but also the multi-layered virtualisation technology.

For more details on the planetary virtualisation, please read my book, a section "Virtualisation of the Environment, Structures of Domination" of "Chapter 7: Taking Back Your Freedom and Sovereignty - Open Source and Innovation Strategies".

Or you can read my blog post "How to Fix Dysfunction in Society". See "How Planetary Virtualisation Works" for an abstract diagram of how the basic terraforming technology works with human devices.