Free Yourself From Fixed Position

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 18 July 2023

From where you look at things is very important. The perspective from which you observe makes a difference. Looking at the mind cage and the illusion systems from the outside, it gives you a lot of information.

There's a very subtle but huge difference between being able to gain insight and just consuming the information that others share. It's the subtle position you're in that makes the huge difference. In order to increase your capacity to deeply understand a particular subject, the multiple perspectives and movement are crucial.

Let's take a simple example of the structure of the universe.

If you're familiar with the hermetic tradition or gnosis, alchemy or magic, you already know the components and structure of the universe conceptually in a form of philosophy. The universe consists of polarity, gender, mental, mind (nous), heaven, earth, underground, dimensions, and so on.

But the point is that from where you perceive these things.

If you look at everything from the inside of the structure, your insights will be 'these are the universal principles and I completely know how the universe works' and you keep yourself from freedom. Because you only have the capacity to grasp the limited parts of the structure.

On the other hand, if you have multiple perspectives, you can see and feel things very differently.

Let's say that the components and structure of the universe are part of the deception systems. If you only consume the information from a limited perspective of the systems within, it's so hard to find breakthroughs to dismantle the ancient magic. Rather, you are unaware of the universe that you perceive is the deception systems.

But if you have an additional perspective where you can look at things from outside the universe, you will have a lot of different inspiration and awareness from the same information. Because you are now dealing with a greater amount of information with multiple viewpoints and it gives you a very different and really new experience.

In addition, if you can move frequently between 2 or more perspectives, you will not only get a lot of information, but you can gain insights by evaluating from a variety of different perspectives. As a result, you will find breakthroughs as leverage points to dismantle the magic from within and without. Because you're now aware of what the universe is and how the deception systems work.

One of the key success factors is movement. In other words, it's more about your deeds. Because the fundamental language we use naturally and unconsciously from the quantum level is movement. At the quantum level, you are always in motion with emptiness as an individuated consciousness.

This is exactly what we are dealing with in the higher vibrations. It's a greater amount of information in a very high density. So ascension itself isn't going to solve any problems. Ultimately, the key to solving problems is always multiple perspectives and movement.