New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

How to Be Creative and Act Differently

Do you really want to be creative? Do you seriously want to think and act differently? If so, there's no place where you feel psychologically safe...

How Do You Manage People and the Environment?

If you were the ruler of this world, how would you manage the people on earth? What strategies would you plan and carry out? What risks would you take? And how would you do dismantle and disperse the strategies?

What Happens When You Let Go of Obsolete Stuff

After activating my ability to sense the unseen world, my life is changing completely. The world is now seen incredibly differently, including how we can make our own choices.

Communication and Natural Selection

As my mind firewall opens closed ports, I gradually and very slowly understand what communication without words means. At the same time, I realised a very shocking truth...

The Vulnerable Myth of Rules and Control

Now global companies are facing data breaches because of what they have done in secret. There seem to be several reasons for this, but one thing is clear...