New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Creative Ways to Make a Real Difference

If you want to have a completely new idea or want to make a difference, you'll be better off working with different people in different ways.

Mind DNA Now Changing in Human Evolution

We're at an imperative fork in the road of human evolution. The choices we make affect the evolution of the human mind, cognitive psychology and information technology, including new AI.

Give Yourself Permission to Stop Surviving

Why don't you leave the place where you feel insecure? This simple but powerful question gives you a new awareness.

Stop Duct-Taping to Solve Problems

The new era and its criteria are completely different from the status quo. CEOs and managers will have a very tough time in the near future.

New AI Architecture for Human Evolution

The cookie-cutter civilisation with current AI is designed to monitor, manage and manipulate humanity. To move forward, we need to develop a different AI architecture.