New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Why Negative Capability Is Useful

The negative capability is connected to the design squiggle, the alchemy methods, the mindsets and mental models. All things are interconnected.

What Is Kototama Technology?

This insight has something very important to do with ongoing covert operations and hidden technology. It can be touched by information technology and observation of nature.

How to Broaden Your Perspective for Insights

To think creatively like an artist or a consultant, you can evolve your mindset by broadening your perspectives. Then you'll get deep insights that will surprise you.

How to Prevent and Dismantle Mind Control With Your Heart and Mind

What does it really mean to open your heart and mind? What's the difference between what the spiritual industry has taught and the hidden reality? It's possible to explain it in the language of business and life.

How to Get and Deliver Real Insights

If you want to find the hidden truth, where you go matters. If you want to get your message to reach the right audience, where you live matters too.