New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

How to Communicate With Insect Species

You don't need your pesticide anymore. Just as you throw away your guns, you drop the household weapon. You finally get along with other species, like a black stink bug in your room.

What I Have Learnt From Channeling Experience

Most people like channeling a lot. But for me it's not exciting. But it gives us a lot of things through practical experience.

Magical Power vs. Spiritual Power

We tend to judge the magical power and the astral entities as evil and dark, and the spiritual power and the etheric entities as good and light. But we can see things differently.

Enjoy Communicating With Other Species

Are you interested in energy communication? If so, today's insight will take you to a new place to connect with nature.

Inverse Correlation Between Deception and Creativity

If you want to unleash your creativity, a look at mind control techniques and human history will help you gain a wider view and a broader perspective.