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We help you achieve sovereignty and freedom through the development of mind technology.
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Sound Art That Puts You in a Creative Mode

If you want to use both focus and creative modes, this insight and sound art will inspire you with practical experience.

Inverse Correlation Between Deception and Creativity

If you want to unleash your creativity, a look at mind control techniques and human history will help you gain a wider view and a broader perspective.

How to Be Creative and Act Differently

Do you really want to be creative? Do you seriously want to think and act differently? If so, there's no place where you feel psychologically safe...

How Do You Manage People and the Environment?

If you were the ruler of this world, how would you manage the people on earth? What strategies would you plan and carry out? What risks would you take? And how would you do dismantle and disperse the strategies?

Communication With Other Species

If you want to develop your psychic abilities, try communicating with birds and animals. They're responsive and heartwarming species that don't use words.