What I Have Learnt From Channeling Experience

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 8 September 2023

Most people like channeling a lot. But for me it's not exciting. But it gives us a lot of things through practical experience.

A few months ago, before writing a book called 'The Secret Portal of Alchemy', I had my first 'channeling' experience. It was incredibly brief and impulsive, but I automatically said something I didn't mean to.

I repeated 'eradicate, eradicate, eradicate...' in English and then I realised I was on autopilot. And it felt very disgusting, like I was being manipulated by an unknown entity. It also felt like it was happening in my mind and in the outside world at the same time.

At that time I consciously started analysing what it meant. Did it mean that someone was forcing me to do something unpleasant? Was it some kind of order? What was I supposed to eradicate if I was in autopilot mode?

Actually, the word 'eradicate' alone doesn't mean anything in the world of linear space-time.

It can mean a covert mission to put an end to the status quo civilisation. It can also mean building a hidden strategy to reduce the world's population. Or it can be an order to begin a stern operation to protect this planet from selfish, greedy and harmful humans.

The point is, from the time, I started noticing the difference between self-talk and incoming messages. And more importantly, I began to understand how we have been mind-controlled and manipulated from unseen.

Good or bad, it gave me a profound lesson that I have to be mindful of what I think and do. It also gave me a breakthrough in hacking our consciousness. Because it's deeply involved with the mind technology, especially the genetic network and communication.

I said that the word 'eradicate' alone doesn't mean anything in the world of LINEAR SPACE-TIME. But it does mean something in the world of the present moment. In the world outside of linear space-time, your ancestors can communicate with you through the mind system.

I don't think you have to work so hard to protect yourself from unwanted contact. As I wrote in my research blog, it doesn't work as expected. Rather, you can cope with fear and 'eradicate' the dichotomous idea that always holds you back - good and bad, light and dark.

Just observe and analyse what you've got without fear. Fear works like a firewall or a router in genetic and mind communication, so if you activate it you will drop and lose a lot of information from incoming data. That's why the spiritual industry, especially in channeling messages, has encouraged you to activate your heart.

It's like swimming or diving in the ocean. The ocean can kill you, but it can also give you a lot. It takes from you, but it also gives you a lot of experience. It's exactly the same with our mind network.

That's exactly what every alchemist has said about alchemical mercury. It's the human mind, especially the genetic mind.