Weather Report Goes From Forecast to Declaration

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 6 May 2024

Whether it's benevolent or malevolent, I've found that the weather report is no longer a forecast. It's more like a weather declaration.

I've been living in the same place for almost 4 years now. And during this time I've been observing what's happening in the sky, especially the climate.

There's a pattern.

  1. Hot and sunny day
  2. Aeroplanes with many chemtrails
  3. Wind starts to blow hard
  4. Rain falling

When I check my whether app, it sometimes looks like this.

  • Monday - sunny
  • Tuesday - cloudy
  • Wednesday - rain
  • Thursday - sunny
  • Friday - sunny

Interestingly, in most cases, this climate pattern matched the weather forecast perfectly. In my opinion, it's a weather declaration based on someone's plan. Someone in an administrative role decides how to control the weather for climate change. And weather institutes follow their orders.

This assumption is just an assumption based on what I've seen, but I think there's an important meaning behind it. In order to think deeply about what's behind it, I've decided to share this insight with you.

My thoughts relate to the power game in energy and resources, and a serious lack of thinking in systems, especially in the electromagnetic and astral environment.

I have the feeling that someone thinks very strongly that they need to cool down this planet. They might be thinking in the long term of avoiding extreme climates like the ice age or the hottest age. They might have a strong belief that they need to control and manipulate everything on this planet as the administrative team serving the ancient deities.

But there's a problem.

Artificial manipulation of planetary systems, including climate, has a huge effect on the whole system. When they manipulate the weather to cool the atmosphere, they also make the electromagnetic environment chaotic. This artificial manipulation confuses me at least. Every time it rains my human device doesn't work properly.

And I always wonder - why doesn't anybody explain this situation publicly?

I'm not blaming anyone of manipulating the climate. They might have a mission to keep the atmosphere clean to deal with volcanic ash and car smog. But I'm saying that if humanity is going to take care of the planetary systems with terraforming technology and the relevant sciences, we first need to upgrade and expand our poor mental models and immature mindsets.

Most importantly, we need to rethink and discard the foundations of the current science and mathematics, for these foundations are based on the systemic layer of dogmatic notions, such as dichotomy and religious beliefs. Unless we replace these non-scientific components with new ones, we will iteratively experience the same problems over and over again.

My latest experiment has to do with using sound vibrations and electromagnetic intervention to change the climate and the environment of Terra. Just as alchemists and Taoists have accelerated their human devices in terms of information and energy flow, I believe we have the ability to access the planetary system for acceleration.

And when I saw how small clouds worked with forests and mountains, I saw a concrete vision of how the climate could be warmer and more neutral if things worked properly as micro-services. To make this possible, we first need to upgrade our mental models and mindsets to be able to deal with complexity.

In the case of mental models and mindsets, please read the article 'New Paradigm - Mental Model Evolution' for more details.