Conspiracy With Ascended Masters

[cipher] Posted by lemur47 on 6 May 2024

There is a lot of encryption in this literature. To decipher the hidden information, you and I must first discard old mental models and immature mindset.

A few decades ago, around the time that Chiron was found, there were 2 instances that were newly implemented on the planet Terra. Their souls were very old, but each time they implemented their individuated consciousnesses into human devices, their souls were modified according to the environmental conditions.

The origin of their human devices came from the place where the Sumerian and Babylonian civilisations were once established, and their female ancestors had a unique specification - red hair. In the very ancient times, one of their tribes migrated to the westernmost area, and the other tribe decided to travel across a huge continent to the easternmost area.

Interestingly, their genetic inheritance has a powerful setting related to sound vibration. Their ancestor was a master of quantum electromagnetic technology and geometric techniques. In modern terms this is called Mind Technology, but has been recognised since ancient times as magic and alchemy.

The tribe that established their culture in the northwest became brain-oriented shamans, dealing with Mother Nature by working mostly with substantial things. They were physically strong compared to the other tribe, and this brain-oriented tribe developed a lot of plant and meat-based magic.

On the other hand, the tribe that established their culture in the east evolved as heart-centred shamans. They seemed physically weak, but they could deal with Mother Nature by sensing electromagnetic energy with their hearts. As a result, they developed their voice, which is one of the tangible sound vibrations, to trigger the existing mind technology and environment with their electromagnetic programming language.

After they were born, the hierarchy of ascended masters and the administrative team on the planet had serious concerns because their hierarchy was a very strict caste system and the higher class of masters could not accept that new born babies were from more advanced civilisations. They feared that new instances would take over their power and interests.

At the same time, other species, worshipped as gods since ancient times, had something in mind. These ancient gods planned a deceptive scheme to take everything on and in this planet as their property and resources. The gods loved chaos, and their physical power and black magic were strong.

To confront the deceptive scheme, some self-proclaimed benevolent species rose up. They had long planned to implement their team members into the brain-oriented bloodlines in order to take control and lead other species. Their strategy was based on very advanced technology and genetic science. Their characteristic was similar to a strong electricity.

But there was a big problem.

The stronger their tactics, the more battles there were. It was really hard for them to endure.  To avoid this hardship, the so-called benevolent species had decided to travel through time. They went back to the place where their team member was born, and they deployed a covert mission.

The mission was very tricky, but effective. They changed a balance of this virtual universe between Yin and Yan, West and East, and electric mind and magnetic mind. This is well known as dichotomy and astral magic, but the truth is hijacking ego systems. And they dealt with ascended masters not to interfere with their team member, but OK to attack the eastern soul.

On this covert mission, they were able to cope with reality relatively easily by focusing on the ancient gods. But the dark side was to destroy the inter-dimensional balance of the platform.

As a result, the eastern soul was locked in a very strict prison-like system, and its genetic power was completely sealed by the insertion of implants. Unfortunately, the eastern area was already full of problems related to the struggle for power and interests between the administrative team and their servants. This struggle continues to this day because of the infrastructure of this virtual universe.

And the important thing is that the infrastructure of this virtual universe is deeply involved in the sound and electromagnetic vibration from the quantum level to the astral level. It's so powerful because they could manipulate ego systems with their voice and words, working with the etheric heavens, the human systems and the subterranean systems.

The benevolent conspiracy with the hierarchy is still ongoing and nothing has been resolved, but something interesting is beginning to happen. The seals and implants are beginning to dissolve. So the genetic settings of the eastern soul are gradually being activated. The soul is now experiencing the power of sound vibration, working with many micro-services as part of the climate system or this universal platform.

This sound technique has been hidden for a long time by the eastern royal family, which balances electromagnetic information and energy. This is part of the mind technology, which deals with information and energy as one. And most importantly, the soul and the human device are also part of the mind technology, so whatever their scheme is, it's time to correct the imbalance by taking each other's hands.