Time Travelling With Consciousness

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 9 September 2023

Do you travel through space-time? How do you move through space-time? Why am I from the future? You may be interested in time travelling with consciousness.

Time travel is one of the most exciting topics in both science and spiritual industry. And there might be several ways to make it possible.

What I've been interested in lately is the way we use our consciousness. This doesn't mean that you need to leave your body like in astral projection, but it does mean that you first need to become aware of how our consciousness works collectively.

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Another important thing to become aware of is that time is real, but it's a powerful illusion. The concept of time might be designed for collective awareness in the first place, but it now acts as a strong and fundamental mind cage. That's why we've confined ourselves to a very small space with limitations.

To eradicate this restriction, which is the platform of enslavement, we need to expand our consciousness. More specifically, we need to understand that our consciousness always travels through space-time without limitation in terms of past, present and future.

It's not easy to explain this realisation within the restriction, and it's so hard to understand with your current mindset, but it can be relatively easy to understand with your heart. Your consciousness, as part of the collective consciousness, is always capable of travelling through space without time.

Based on this realisation, I can say that I came from the future and came from far away. And I always come from the past, which is the future, while I usually induce my consciousness into the present from different places at the same time. I'm present in the past and the future, while existing in the present.

The concept of time - digital art

But it doesn't look like what most people imagine in terms of omnipresence and time travel.

It's like travelling without any bodies in the sense that your consciousness are switching its focus, but the focus is not a singular point, and it's more like multiple focal points with anchors - human devices. The focal point can sometimes be a part of the environment, so that you can read the future event with your surroundings that will happen in the different place.

In any case, if your connection is weak, like mine, syncing in systems is not enough to perceive what happens. In my case, I partially perceive and understand what happens beyond space-time as an invisible form of information structure (like a hologram), and consciousness doesn't always perceive the event in a visual form.

What I want to say is that the concept of time in most cases prevents us from 'time travelling with consciousness' because of its specification. The concept of time always requires us to perceive things in a very linear and collective way, like always following the same groove on the planetary record player.

It sometimes works well, but in this case it works as a mind cage that keeps you from freedom. That's the main reason why I've always said that one of the root causes is time.

In the latest short literature I've encoded a lot of subconscious programmes with time series information, the destruction of linear thinking as seen in the gap between Nietzsche and Spinoza. Have fun with deciphering what I mean!