Think Outside of the Systems

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 25 July 2023

We tend to think that complex things are intelligent and advanced. But the most of the time when you think about these things, you're thinking inside of the little box.

When it comes to cosmology, many different people have taught a variety of different ideas.

In the spiritual industry, some say that there is the universal cycle of day and night for reincarnation as a service. Some say that you have to be way up the ladder of ascension to reach and be like the gods. Others say that the mind is bad and the heart system is good. Or they say that the physical and astral realms are evil, but the etheric realm is right.

There's a saying in the business world - think outside of the box.

The same goes for the spiritual industry. You may always be thinking inside of the deception systems. When you think about physical things, you're all trapped in the mind cage. When you think about spiritual things, you're all trapped in the illusion systems.

Let's think about the elites who are trying to control this world.

Have they managed this world effectively? Do you think that they will be able to control this world in a more effective and benevolent way? How do you feel when you read books that say the elites should use not only science, but also craft and art?

And the most important question is: have you asked them to manage you as part of humanity?

The truth is that we're most likely to think inside of the box, the deception systems. Unless we think and act from outside of the systems, we won't be able to make the breakthroughs that open up the new portal. The same thing applies to science and technology, as well as cosmology.

Let's think outside of the box, which is the deception systems.