The Power of Magic and Information Density

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 28 July 2023

Losing high information density means losing the power of magic. But you can take full advantage of the status quo for the coming era of high information density.

When I read light novels and watch anime, I often see that the authors try to illustrate the difference in the power of magic between ancient times and today. This attempt has an important meaning that comes from the suppressed memories.

They unconsciously remember that they have been deceived and suppressed for a very long time. In particular, they do remember that the rulers have taken away their real power and that real power comes from consciousness and energy, and the wider and collective mind.

Why is there such a difference?

One of the main reasons is the nested virtualisation, which prevents you from direct access and direct realisation. The mathematical scale has been transformed into the concept of distance, and this distance prevents you from making things happen in a short period of time. This length of delay has been recognised in the Jewish Kabbalah as 'Yesod'.

This means that the nested virtualisation based on a mathematical scale has acted as the walls of ether. The concept has functioned as layered firewalls in your mind and the collective mind of humanity. One thing I can tell you is that Sephiroth describes the deception systems.

The other reason we must keep in mind is that the transition of Terra Earth. Whether it's artificial or natural, by the rulers or other extraterrestrials, Terra seems to be compressing itself from the etheric state to a more concrete one. But I'm not sure, because I have no proof, it comes from my feelings.

But as the authors of light novels and anime constantly illustrate, Terra has lost its etheric substances from the surface where we live and our civilisation belongs. Why this compression process has happened is the same as the process of materialisation.

That's why most people in the spiritual industry talk a lot about ascension. But please remember that the ascension is not a solution, it's more like a natural process of creation. So when you ascend into the etheric realm, the deception systems keep you from direct realisation through the nested virtualisation.

One of the fundamental solutions is consciousness tech.

This means that you activate the power of consciousness to handle energy. It doesn't mean that you have to deal with the kundalini activation. Rather, it encourages you to achieve direct realisation using technology as a powerful lever.

We're living in a world of less information density. You can take full advantage of this situation to handle less information and less energy with your liberated and activated consciousness. It starts like a prototype evaluation in the startup ecosystem.

Having achieved sovereignty and freedom, you will be able to create reality precisely in a shorter period of time. Even if you're in a world of high information density with higher vibrations.