New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Art of the Genetic Mind and Virtual Universe

Are you familiar with the Voynich Manuscript? If so, this insight will help you dive into the ocean of our genetic mind and the virtual universe we live in.

Reading the Book of Nature Instead of Scrying

If you're interested in reading hidden and secret information, try this method. It's called reading the book of nature and has been used by alchemists throughout human history.

Telepathic, Holographic and Psychic Communication

You already have enough potential to psychically communicate with other species, such as birds. All you need to do is send out good vibes to create a resonance effect.

Rebuilding of the Core of Our Civilisation

Why is this planet full of dysfunction, especially in our society? It is because of the core of our civilisation is based on virtualised universes managed by someone else.

Miracles Happening All Around You

If you're always looking for miracles, this insight is for you. Generally, miracles shouldn't happen because of systems, but as your consciousness expands, you will be able to see things you've never seen before.