New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Mind Is Not What You Think

This insight nails down what the mind is and why we shouldn't use a dichotomous concept to understand our human devices and the environment around us.

Conspiracy With Ascended Masters

There is a lot of encryption in this literature. To decipher the hidden information, you and I must first discard old mental models and immature mindset.

Weather Report Goes From Forecast to Declaration

Whether it's benevolent or malevolent, I've found that the weather report is no longer a forecast. It's more like a weather declaration.

Art of the Genetic Mind and Virtual Universe

Are you familiar with the Voynich Manuscript? If so, this insight will help you dive into the ocean of our genetic mind and the virtual universe we live in.

Reading the Book of Nature Instead of Scrying

If you're interested in reading hidden and secret information, try this method. It's called reading the book of nature and has been used by alchemists throughout human history.