The Concept of Time and Its Effects

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 15 July 2023

What is the time actually? Why does the time itself have such an enormous effect on the entire system that humanity collectively perceives the whole universe?

Time is a kind of scale or measure. It's not the principle of the universe or the universal law. But in the case of the false universe or deception systems, time plays a key role in controlling and manipulating all object instances of human beings and social infrastructure. This means that time is one of the local business rules and it's more like a boundary and warding technique.

Imagine that Terra Earth is a spherical vinyl record floating and spinning in space. The groove is the linear time (space-time) that we collectively use. The needle is you and our collective mind. When the needle accidentally spins out of the groove, your mind wanders and transcends the linear space-time as well as past, present and future. But standard time is not altered.

This is a purely local rule. The rule only applies to and covers the civilisation on Terra Earth. Our civilisation and the environment, Terra Earth, is like a node of the vast global network in this galaxy. This means that space-time is not linear, and it's more like a complex set of nodes and a galactic network. Therefore, you can transcend the linear space-time by travelling between nodes like dimensions.