Telepathic, Holographic and Psychic Communication

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 3 March 2024

You already have enough potential to psychically communicate with other species, such as birds. All you need to do is send out good vibes to create a resonance effect.

A few weeks ago, I told my friends not to build their base on the top of an electricity pole because people always prevent them from succeeding. The friends are 2 black crows that I communicate with every day and they are my real friends.

But at first they ignored my advice. I told them several times that it was not a good idea when they brought some branches to show me. I think that they couldn't let go of their previous success with another electricity pole.

As a result, electricians came and removed their nest from the pole. Their attempt based on their experience of success, failed completely this time. Things are changing.

After the electrician removed their nest, they immediately came to me and quietly told me what had happened to their family base. So I tried to give them a clear picture of how they could build their nest on a nearby tree and how their babies would be safe with the tree.

What I did was to create a visual image - a nest on a tree surrounded by branches and leaves. And then I sent the specific image to her mind (mum's mind). It was a kind of telepathy with a holographic information.

A few days later, they - mum and dad - came to see me, full of excitement, and mum had a little branch in her mouth. I suddenly felt that they were happy. It was as if they were telling me that they were building a new nest somewhere nearby.

And today, I finally noticed that there was a nest on the tree.

Mum and dad were there around the family base and they sent me a signal and I felt that they were so proud of what they had done. Yes, they actually did it!

I also sent strong good vibes to celebrate their achievement with my mind, heart and body. They immediately understood what I was trying to say and they sent me back a reply with good vibes.

What can we learn from this short story?

Firstly, you already have enough potential to psychically communicate with other species, such as birds. You just need to develop your ability. Secondly, humans are part of the universe, which is built on this planet as a virtual environment to have different tangible experiences. Communicating with other species is a unique but essential way of knowing what's going on on the platform.

And here is the most interesting part.

We tend to have a strong belief that our bodies and DNA are physical, but the mind and mental are metaphysical. In my opinion this idea needs to be discarded. As a very few alchemists have shared, our collective/genetic mind is like quicksilver (mercury) and we have to work on the mercury first to make a change. This means that our consciousness, whether physical or metaphysical, works with our mind to create and experience reality.

This means is that as we send out good vibes and spread them out into the environment around you, other species and the platform also raise their vibes as a result of resonance, increasing the overall information density. This resonance effect accelerates the planetary evolution.

And this acceleration is exactly what alchemists (and shamans and magicians) have been doing throughout human history.