Science With Magic and Alchemy

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 3 August 2023

Today's insight is something different. You and I will dive into the ancient science that is almost forgotten. It reveals how we can create our own reality on a subtle level.

In my opinion, from the research and experience, we can describe the ancient traditions and rituals as science. In most cases, they are described as the electromagnetic tech because they approach and work with the electromagnetic field.

This morning I had an inspiration about plasma and the inspiration led me to the piezoelectric effect to create an electromagnetic field with sound and quartz crystals.

During this little exploration, I also found a new awareness of why I used to have a clairvoyant idea that HAARP is a complex and multi-purpose technology and it works as one of the electromagnetic tech.

This means that we have been using the electromagnetic tech since ancient times, regardless of what we know about how it works. This is also the reason why I say that magic is a branch of science that deals with invisible phenomena and alchemy is a technology that works with consciousness and energy.

I always say that the rituals of some secret societies and fraternities are a way of manipulating electromagnetic energy with their minds. Yes, the rituals are indeed a form of the electromagnetic tech.

In the same way, the concept of lost words in the superficial problems of the mind systems relates to the electromagnetic tech. For the words are a form of programmable objects that sample, transmit and convert the electromagnetic energy for easy handling of the energy.

And the words are basically used in the mind systems - the deception systems. This is why I once said that the Sephiroth (the Tree of Life) is a model of the deception systems.

At this point, let's have a look at what the latest AI has summarised about the piezoelectric effect. The AI searches the internet for the most trustworthy sources possible, and this time it picked up some government websites such as NASA and PubMed.

Here's the snippet.

The piezoelectric effect occurs in certain materials, such as quartz crystals or ceramics, that have a property called piezoelectricity. When these materials are subjected to mechanical stress or vibrations, they can generate an electric charge. Conversely, applying an electric field to these materials can cause them to vibrate or deform.

Quartz can be a piezoelectric material and can convert mechanical energy such as sound waves into electrical energy and vice versa. This means it acts as a natural battery for subtle potential energy. And sound waves play a role in converting and transmitting information from one device to another.

As well as certain types of meditation, you can create a subtle electromagnetic field with sound waves, quartz crystals and, most importantly, your individuated consciousness and the collective consciousness. In the case of the collective consciousness, it acts as an environment of creation.

What I wanted to share is NOT a power generator as a green tech, I wanted to share how we can create and amplify our own electromagnetic field to create our own reality by developing a subtle hologram with some tools in our home.

The challenge is amplification. One of the answers is resonance. This theme is the subject I'm now exploring with sound practice and mind projection.

I also received a very strange inspiration this morning as to why a highly evolved species known as Arcturians can use the advanced technology related to kinetic energy. This is NOT a scientifically based inspiration and is purely intuitive, but let me add it to this daily awareness.

They are advanced because they have a certain technology that converts and handles potential energy into kinetic energy. They use a very subtle and vague potential energy by extracting, amplifying and accelerating (boosting) it. This kind of energy can be achieved by the so-called higher mind and sometimes by an individuated or a certain level of collective consciousness.

But, I think we can do something similar with our bodies and the environment around us. With sound frequencies and vibrations that collectively create atmosphere or vibes, in other words, an electromagnetic field, we can think of our body as a piezoelectric material like a quartz crystal.

We don't necessarily create strong energy. Instead, we first generate very subtle and vague energy with our bodies and our environment, including tuning forks, quartz crystals and our voices. That's exactly what secret societies, fraternities and I have done from time to time.

Magic and alchemy have added some effective functions to it. By placing geometric diagrams, they have tried to induce and amplify the subtle and vague energy to empower of the electromagnetic field.

In any case, sound frequencies and vibrations play an important role in stimulating, communicating and converting something into electromagnetic energy. It also acts as a notification for object instances to get the attention of entities and the platform. This has also been used since ancient times.