Rethink ET Disclosure

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 22 July 2023

In fact, the ET cover-ups have been gradually disclosed. But the important thing for us is to examine the information with a broader perspective.

I'm not saying that all the information about ETBs and disclosure is strange. I'm saying that channeling and remote viewing should be carefully considered and investigated.

  • What is the purpose of the information?
  • What bias is there before the disclosure?
  • Is there anything strange in the report?

These questions will give you a sense of awareness in the same way that you're analysing systems. It's so important to feel and receive what you have with your heart before you consume and judge it with your mind, but more importantly you should use both the heart sensing system with a broader mind system.

When I read some ET disclosure stuff, my heart system felt something strange. So I examined with my mind system what I was reading.

  • How did the remote viewers get the confidential information so easily?
  • Why could authors say that 'positive' ETBs work on human affairs?
  • Why have authors divided groups of ETBs into light side and dark side?

I found significant biases behind the information. They are 'humanity is weaker than ETBs in the higher vibrational fields' and 'there are positive and negative ETBs in the galaxy'.

These kinds of biases easily distort what you get from the heart sensing system and the biases come from the genetic programmes installed in your human device, including both physical and spiritual areas.

When I think about remote viewing, it's not so easy to get the confidential information about military stuff, especially strategies and structure. If I could get this confidential information, I have to consider the following points.

  • Honeypot or misdirection?
  • False information with jamming techniques?
  • What happens if I use the information?

If the ETBs are stronger and more advanced than humanity, as most people believe, it's so strange that they allow you to view the confidential things remotely. They have advanced technology compared to what we have, so it's hard to get the confidential information even if we use the remote viewing technique.

Because we were able to get the information easily means that their enemies are also able to get the information easily. If I were a commander responsible for any part of their strategy, I would be very careful to protect that information and actions.

In the same way, I don't think that they are as benevolent as humanity believes. I don't think that they fight unconditionally for human affairs. I think they have their own purpose and conditions for helping humanity on Earth. They may actually be relatively supportive or kind, but I don't think they unite and operate in the military actions to save humanity unconditionally.

One thing I could say is that we humanity need to know that the ETBs and we are the same. They and we are all the same as individuated consciousness. We came here from the same fields. Being enslaved in the limited realms doesn't mean that we are smaller and weaker than them.