Resonance With Stars and the Starseed Myth

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 10 August 2023

When you look up at the night sky, do certain stars resonate with you? Why do you feel something about the stars? Let's take a look at both science and myth.

Today, we're going to look at some weird stuff about the stars. In the spiritual industry, it's sometimes said that the stars you naturally resonate with are more connected to your roots.

I'm not at all familiar with constellations, I can only find 3 constellations in the night sky, but recently I noticed that there are a planet and a star that I subconsciously resonate with.

The star is Arcturus and the planet is Venus.

I don't know why I resonate with these objects, but I can feel something inside of me, they are the star and the planet that I relate to. I don't consciously try to find them, they are there naturally in the sky. And strangely enough I know that the star is Arcturus and the planet is Venus.

I still don't believe what the spiritual industry has been propagating, but one thing is for sure, a certain light carries a certain information. It's scientific stuff, it's electromagnetic waves. The light from a particular star carries the information about the composition, temperature, and other physical properties of that star.

We may subconsciously perceive and translate the information from the star into human readable words. The reason why I naturally resonate with and perceive the identities of the star and the planet may be the same thing.

This is also why I believe that the genetic mind and associated mind systems are involved in electromagnetic technology. It has also worked as an effective trap for people in the spiritual and religious industries because of the bright lights.

Whether it's logical or physical, distance has been used as a significant part of the mind cage and the illusion systems. So I'm not interested in the pattern and shape of any constellation. I'm only interested in the information that stars, planets and satellites carry.

When it comes to the myth of starseeds, I'm a bit negative because of the propaganda, the mind control and the selfish and narcissistic idea of 'I'm a special and chosen'. I've been told 'you might be a starseed' by several people who are deeply involved in the spiritual industry, but I'm a very sceptical about the idea.

Why I'm very sceptical about this kind of idea has to do with hardships and secret operations. If I were a starseed embedded in a particular region and culture to learn and activate something, the rulers, the admins, their deception systems would find me and attack me from my childhood.

This means that the starseed programme (if it exists) should be conducted in a more secretive and undercover manner. Because it's not some kind of ascension festival or a flashy celebrity party. It has to be a secret undercover operation, so I think the starseed propagation in the spiritual 'entertainment' industry is almost a fake based on the truth.

Going back to the resonance with the stars, I still don't know what's happening to me. One thing I can say is that my perception is gradually changing and it has accelerated from 2015 and from 2020.