Reading the Book of Nature Instead of Scrying

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 19 March 2024

If you're interested in reading hidden and secret information, try this method. It's called "reading the book of nature" and has been used by alchemists throughout human history.

Technically, scrying, such as crystal gazing, is not a form of fortune telling. It's simply looking at information and energy through the lens of crystal quartz to subjectively translate and understand something. The same thing applies to reading the book of nature, which every alchemist has worked on. If you can't see things through a crystal ball, try this method.

To read the book of nature, you can make full use of the environment around you, rather than gazing a quartz crystal. To be honest, the crystal ball is part of the book of nature, but you don't necessarily have to focus only on looking at the astral information.

At any time you can simply close your eyes and see a vortex spinning slowly. This is exactly one form of the information from the intangible world. This means that you're already a multi-dense entity that has a soul object to implement (incarnate) into a human device for subjective experience.

The same goes for the environment around you. You can simply observe what's happening around you without judging it. To make this easier, it's better for you to discard a dichotomous framework, such as benevolent vs. malevolent. The reason for this is so simple. The oversimplified framework prevents you from seeing things as they are.

Today I'm going to give you some real examples of how you can understand what's happening here on this planet. The important thing for you and me is just to observe what's happening around us. Then we add some frameworks to understand what it means subjectively.

In the year 2021, I was in a very difficult situation. Every plan and effort was unsuccessful and broken by the external power. Whatever I started, someone immediately appeared and interrupted what I was doing. The same thing has happened between 2015 and now, and 2015 is the year when I finally started to realise the truth about this world.

That year, I saw something very strange. About 20 white herons flew around my room and stayed on the trees outside my window. It was strange because I'd never seen that white herons fly and act together like that before. And it was the first time I had seen them on the trees.

A few days later, a small falcon attacked and killed a white heron while I was at the window. A black crow screamed loudly and seemed very concerned about the situation.

And this year, 2024, I finally realised what it meant when I read books about Anunnaki, Igigi and Sumerian culture. Surprisingly, Japan is closely related to Sumerian culture, and so is the Shinto tradition. In Japan, especially in the Shinto tradition, the white heron and the black crow are both known as messengers of the ancient deities.

In my 9 years of research, this world is a part of the deception systems consisting of illusion systems and countless mind cages. In other words, the deception systems are based on the planetary virtualisation called terraforming, and this type of virtualisation is a very advanced technology that allows entities and species to develop their own culture as the seed of their civilisation - the virtual universe.

And in my opinion, the deception systems are designed and operated by the ancient deities. This means that they, as the rulers, can communicate with us through birds and other species by showing their figures and movements as a system event.

This technology is the same as human broadcasting, known as channeling. The only difference is the device used to broadcast.

In the case of human broadcasting, the ancient deities and other entities often use a strategy of spreading false information to confuse you. These situations have been created so many times in human history, as you know. In the case of birds, it's usually to show you something important to know, or to lead you to somewhere as a spirit guide, or to tell you something as a kind of prediction.

Note: Prediction can be a fortune-telling if you are locked yourself into the linear space-time, but if you free yourself and expand your consciousness to use both object-oriented and linear perceptions, this type of system notification can't be a prediction, it's more like a real-time streaming.

In my case I felt spiritually that they were saying to me "we are always watching you".

I once translated this energy communication through white herons from the so called ancient deities (but NOT my deities) to above because at that time, around 2020 to 2022, I was sharing my research and knowledge through YouTube, podcast and blogs based on hidden strategies. So I took the message as a warning from the rulers. For the battle between a white heron and a small falcon is another matter.

In fact, my life was filled with non-linear and indirect types of jamming techniques and black magic attacks, so I was in a very difficult situation as I wrote above. The jamming and psychic attacks are still going on, but I tangibly felt that they actually decreased from the end of 2023 because the destructive spiritual pressure is dramatically reduced.

Note: This experience also means that there are some system delays between this galaxy and this world. If you're familiar with Sephiroth, you'll already know how Yesod works as a lever to delay things in this "linear" virtual universe. And the influence of the planetary black magic depends on your environment. If you used to live in Japan, you would have felt something unusual in terms of electromagnetic force, and I think it's because of the genetic mind and the language we use. The Shinto and shrine systems are the main cause and the systems are based on Sumerian and Babylonian culture.

But I still feel that some human reps are still watching and interrupting what I'm doing, using some part of the deception systems, such as firewall and routing techniques to prevent me from succeeding. And the human reps are a complex team of entities with and without human devices.

Yesterday, I saw another event. A cat attacked and killed a pigeon. Before the event, some pigeons sent warning signals with their sounds and tones. Pigeons are also part of the messaging system, just like you get system messages from Slackbot when you use Slack.

From my experiments, I know that pigeons have several roles in messaging. It has a different meaning when they just show them and when they send sound signals. So I still don't have a clear understanding of what happened yesterday. But that's OK, because as I wrote above, sometimes it takes a few days to clarify the hypothesis, or sometimes it takes a few months or a few years.

The important thing to know is that the messaging system works neutrally, as does the channeling method. Most cases for both methods have been destructive or confusing, because the design concept is not beneficial to us, but the technology itself is quite neutral. The matter of the new era of transparency and complexity is how we use the technology and how we develop and expand the technology in terms of mind and consciousness, which means the civilisational platform on the planetary virtualisation.

This also means that we don't want to judge the Anunnaki as malevolent because we don't want to hold on to the old paradigm and the oversimplified framework called the dichotomy. The deception systems are NOT built by the Anunnaki alone, but by the ancient deities and ourselves, so the old paradigm and mental models are now drifting heavily. It's the time to upgrade our mental models for a new collective mindset.

Then you and I will be able to read the book of nature with clarity in an environment of high information density.