Read Hidden Messages From Things

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 15 July 2023

This insight considers how we can find and read hidden or unspoken messages in the manifest and tangible world.

Whether man-made or designed by nature, all products and objects carry unspoken messages. For example, some say that the Great Pyramid of Giza has many hidden messages on mathematical scales. I don't judge whether this is true or not, but what is certain is that each design is based on a different concept.

The concept is a kind of unspoken message. You usually receive hidden messages unconsciously through products, services and businesses. When you walk through a shopping mall, you unconsciously pick up a lot of unspoken information from the architecture, posters, people, brands and background music.

In this world, I say it's the mind cage and the illusion systems or the deception systems, everything is based on the concept made with mathematical formulas. These mathematical formulas are exactly the same as the magic formulas. The magic formulas are basic objects that develop and project holograms. The holograms consist of (quantum) objects and they are developed with mathematical techniques.