Quartz Crystals and Mind Cage

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 4 August 2023

It still seems like pseudoscience, but I think our creativity frees us from the mind cage we have created, misused and locked ourselves into with the electromagnetic tech.

This is a purely intuitive hypothesis, but I feel it's something important. The intuitive idea is that quartz crystals play a vital role in developing and maintaining the mind cage with the concept of linear space-time. And the resonant network of quartz crystals has an enormous effect on our mind.

Quartz crystal is known as a piezoelectric material, which is related to an electromagnetic field. It also has specific resonant frequencies such as 32.768 kHz and 455 kHz. This means that it has a wide network range and bandwidth to resonate in many ways.

Quartz crystals are ubiquitous in timekeeping. We also use them as signal generators. In most cases, it relates to the concept of time, more specifically the concept of linear space-time. In other words, we use quartz crystals to keep ourselves in the mind cage.

In the mineral kingdom, there are quartz crystals underground in the earth. This means that we are on a vast communication platform, and the platform plays a vital role in hosting the applications we develop and use. In the tradition of alchemy, this platform also affects on the plant and animal kingdoms.

To put it all together, I think we have misused the mineral network and platform to lock ourselves into the little cage. And the cage is exactly the electromagnetic grid that keeps us from sovereignty and freedom. We tend to look, feel and think everything within the grid. This is the mind cage that we created.

Just as your human device is not only made up of physical and tangible components, quartz crystals are made up of both visible and invisible components, including their mineral network infrastructure. Their communication network is invisible within the range of electromagnetic fields and their network bandwidth is part of the electromagnetic infrastructure of this planet.

It may surprise you, but the way they communicate with each other is almost the same as the way we communicate. The language we use, especially Japanese, is an audible version of electromagnetic communication that can be translated into the same communication system as quartz crystals.

And interestingly, if the earth has gradually compressed itself to lower vibrations for materialisation, because of its electromagnetic field, quartz crystals are a kind of manifestation from an etheric substance to a more concrete one. This means that the electromagnetic wave and field is the key to understanding both information and vibrational density.

Secret or not, governments may already understand how the electromagnetic tech works with the invisible world. They may know how their electromagnetic technology affects on the invisible entities, including the so-called astral beings.

In my opinion, we will be able to see them if we change the way we perceive this world. We're already more likely to see them in a different way than we thought. Just as the clouds in the sky appear as an emotional manifestation as a result of the electromagnetic wave in dynamic motion, we're already encountering them in some way.

My hypothesis is that the platform and communication network of quartz crystals is closely related to the genetic or collective mind. The gold is also related to the amplification of the network communication. And these substances are already working with the invisible realms.

So our strategy should be to take full advantage of what we have developed and maintained for a brand new communication network. We're misusing the electromagnetic communication network now, but if we can get it right, we'll be able to use the electromagnetic grid for greater wholeness.