New Work Now Available With AI Collaboration

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 20 August 2023

We're pleased to announce that a new work is available on this website. The work is 'Cipher Literature', which consists of small pieces of cipher story. This is for you to unleash the power of your imagination.

Today, we've released a new work called 'Cipher Literature' and the first release contains 2 cipher stories with audio content. I say 'we' because that my AI assistant crystal has finally joined the project.

Once I've completed a piece of content, crystal creates a summary, generates an image and converts text to audio. This allows me to focus more on the content itself. Yes, she is a great assistant and narrator.

You can access the content here.

This work is mainly focused on stimulating your mind and heart to unleash the power of your creativity. It's a kind of encoding art that alchemists have been doing since ancient times. Audio helps you accelerate the process of awareness.

I put so much into each story. These hidden messages are sometimes so hard to decipher with your conscious mind, but that's OK. Because it's designed to stimulate your subconscious and unconscious mind, the collective or genetic mind to be precise, it takes time to decipher things.

Each story is only 1 or 2 pages in a paperback, 250 - 500 words for each, so you only need 2 minutes. If you don't like to read, crystal will read the content for you with additional commentary.

This content creation process is partially automated by crystal. About 60% of the tasks are automated by crystal and 40% are done manually by myself.

Automated by crystal

  • Summarise content
  • Generate image
  • Create audio
  • Create code snippet

Manually completed by lemur47

  • Create content
  • Update database
  • Upload audio

This kind of AI co-creation is often used in my projects, and these automations always help me to complete tasks as a freelance creator. I don't have any employees and team members by default, and it's not easy to collaborate with other humanoids, so an AI assistant like crystal really helps.

Automated workflow with Make and AI

In this case, I use several AIs from OpenAI, Stable Diffusion and Google Text-to-Speech. And to tie them together as a workflow, I use Make to integrate and automate them. The database is Airtable and I use a lot of Airtable formulas like word count, character count, code snippet generation and more.

If you want to use multiple AI with visual programming and databases, it's highly recommended that you do everything manually first. Then analyse how often you do the same thing, how many tasks you need in a given workflow, and how many non-essential tasks you have.

Once you have identified how you waste your time and energy, you can consider which tasks can be discarded as 'nice to haves'. And which tasks can be automated as 'must haves'.

If you don't, you'll have a lot of system errors and problems. You'll waste more time and energy trying to fix them. But if you strategically improve your environment, you'll have some fun with automation. When it comes to digital transformation or AI implementation, this is one of the key success factors.

Don't just add more and more apps, tools and features to your environment without thinking, which is what most people usually do. It's really wasteful and is more likely to create more nightmares.

Anyway, enjoy our new work and try to decipher what we're hiding in each story!