Mind Is Not What You Think

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 16 May 2024

This insight nails down what the mind is and why we shouldn't use a dichotomous concept to understand our human devices and the environment around us.

Today, you and I are challenging our collective consensus. The consensus is that mind, whatever it is, is not substance like our meat suits.

This issue is so important, because we can't evolve into the species that designs and develops our collective and advanced universe/multiverse unless we understand how everything works with mind technology.

The key points are as follows.

  • You can't divide everything into 2 categories
  • Not enough to understand things with 3 components
  • New era requires us to design mind as substance

To nail down these points together, we think deeply about the following topics.

Before we start, it's better for us to pre-define what the mind is. In my opinion, the mind is a primordial material of creation that makes us feel that things are divided as if they were standalone components. In this context, the mind is One Thing, as defined by alchemists throughout human history.

What is mind?

Regardless of scale and density, a mind is a holographic material like a LEGO block. It functions as a scalable object, and mind components can inherit each other. In this sense, mind is a major component in a genetic system, such as the genetic mind. A mindset is made up of many mind components and it's called a mind module. Mind modules are mainly based on genetic inheritance.

Dichotomy is only a framework

First of all, you and I have to understand that any mind doesn't belong to our brains. Our brains belong to the mind systems. In the same way our human devices belong to some of the virtual universes in the planetary environment for interaction and integration.

Our brains tend to divide things into only 2 categories - true or false, good or bad, benevolent or malevolent, light or dark, angels or demons, left or right. This binary/digital tendency is NOT a default specification of mind systems, but it's a particular framework prepared for particular environments.

In other words, a binary universe is a very primitive and limited environment to interact with.

This framework is NOT bad or evil. It's just a part of mind technology and it helps you to understand things in an oversimplified way. But this framework also prevents you from understanding things as they are. This means that you can't work with complex mind systems unless you extend or discard this primitive framework for perceiving things.

The same thing applies to a concept of linear space-time. When you extend this concept, because this concept is firmly based on or inherits the base module of dichotomy, you will be able to design and develop an advanced civilisation from outside of this small world.

You're not just made up of mind and body, body and spirit.

Layers and components are magick

If you think that everything is layered, such as dimensions and human bodies, then it's time to extend or discard the old-fashioned lens. Nothing exists in layered systems.

This topic is a bit tricky, but it's a critical point to consider.

I think that you may have been taught by gurus and masters that this universe consists of layered dimensions and your body is made up of layered bodies, such as physical body, astral body, and mental body. But this old-fashioned lens has a problem in the sense that you're designing and developing an advanced civilisation.

In other words, you'd better leave that old and primitive universe and move on. Because the primitive universe, to be more precise, it's a part of an ancient magick.

The ancient magick is a very advanced science and technology that most people, including myself, still don't know about. But one thing is for sure, that it is based on mind systems. And just like information technology, it has divided mind modules into many categories.

You may hear of 3 basic components - body, mind and spirit/soul. Or, lower-middle-higher self system. Or, physical-astral-ether system. Whatever it is, spiritual and dogmatic notions are based on 3 components, 4 conditional elements and 9 environmental dimensions.

All notions inherit the boundary magick, which consists of or is based on the boundary-controller-entity model. This model is the same as the model-view-controller structure. And the boundary technique has several subspecies/subsystems/sub-universes.

Each boundary magick is based on a 9-dimensional platform, which is a template of the virtual universe, and the human device, as an object instance interacting with that virtual platform, is made up of 3 components. If you perceive 4 or more components, you're only perceiving subsystems.

Like a dichotomy, this ancient boundary magick and mind technology are NOT bad or evil. But the mindset of the designer and operator, the goal of the systems and the rules of the systems must be carefully considered. For all mind systems and modules, your intention and recognition is crucial.

If you really want to change the world, you must first perceive all the things from outside of the boundary magick and the virtual universe and its subsystems.

In this sense, everything is NOT made up of layered systems and caste hierarchies.

You can work with mind as well as matter

In the final step, you and I should know that we're already able to work with mind as substance. You may not be aware of it, but you're ready to design and develop!

Think about what IT developers always do. They design an information architecture, data structure and develop applications in the electromagnetic environment. This planet and our body systems are also made up of information and electromagnetic energy, so things are the same.

If you're an IT developer, do you think you're entering another universe or another dimension when you develop a mobile app on your laptop? Or do you think you're consciously working with non-physical things while you're living in a physical world? I don't think so.

The same goes for mind systems.

Remember what I said above. The ancient magick has divided things into many domains in order to build a virtual universe on the planetary virtual environment. This is exactly what consultants and developers do in IT projects to solve problems. That's a domain magick!

For example, the 9 environmental dimensions are the APIs to access to the core environment models/modules to inherit the technical specification. But these models are NOT static or mechanical, these are endpoints of the mind environment of other entities.

This type of organic and artificial network is usually used by highly advanced civilisations. They have an unknown technique to somehow implement their consciousness into the network infrastructure.

Note: There's no such thing as conscious and unconscious. If you feel something is unconscious, it's the mind domain that is conscious in someone else's system.

But do not be deceived by the dimensions. The dimensions and layers are just technical domains and logical separations in mind science. Just as IT consultants and developers break down a big problem into small chunks with many domains and contexts, the ancient deities did the same.

When it comes to the four basic elements and the fifth element(s), as well as a dichotomous mental framework, you can use them consciously rather than being taken down by the elements.

Imagine that you're an app developer designing a data structure for your relational database. You may define data types to handle information energy effectively, such as string, number and datetime. The four basic elements play the same role in using information energy to build your own reality on the collective environment.

But one thing I wanted to say. There're still many jamming techniques and black magick to prevent you and me from achieving our sovereignty and freedom with our new magick and mind technology. This cyber-mental-physical (=mind) attack is still ongoing, but we can be prepared for the near future to design and develop our new civilisation by our own hands!