Investment and Collaboration for Better

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 14 August 2023

While 'legal' entities serve for the global elite and their followers in the cage of enslavement, individuals are relatively free from the situation. So we can invest and work together.

When it comes to privacy and security, both technology and products are still in the minority. Industries often talk about privacy and security, but they still don't seem to be willing to invest their resources in these areas.

When I look at some of the survey data, companies don't have a 'budget' for security. They feel that the security is very complicated. And they don't think that security is related to their return on investment.

In my opinion, BOTH privacy and security are worth investing in. Investment means putting your resources into something that's still being conceived or developed. It's preparing for the harvest.

The dominant culture encourages aggressiveness. But successful investors often say that they focus on investing for protection and balance. I'm not a successful investor, but I think it's a very interesting gap between companies and investors.

As an independent consultant, I've invested in both privacy and security. It's not just for me, but for my business partners and clients. If my data is breached, their information is compromised.

Getting my hands and fingers dirty in these areas is an investment in trust. And trust is a core component of the business world, even though there are plenty of cheats and takers out there wearing the mask of givers.

I totally agree with that insurance is a gamble that you bet you will lose. So I don't invest in any insurance services. But in terms of privacy and security, in the context of the global information war, the situation is completely different. This information war that's taking place is directly linked to the deception systems and their power and interest game.

Companies don't have the budget to bring privacy and security stuff into their organisation. Startups are now struggling with security and privacy tech in terms of product-market fit. Because they are deep in the trenches that someone used to define. It's a hidden business rule defined by the global elite.

Phnom Penh

I think this situation is good for individuals.

Individuals are relatively free from the strict rules of business. They, myself included, don't have enough budget to focus on the project, but at the same time they can think and work outside the box where companies are run for the global elite and their followers.

My current interests and ideas are:

  • Designing a new mind tech and its architecture
  • Bringing zero-knowledge tech into the API economy

As for the mind tech, I've already invested my resources in this area and also posted a new research article about a new concept called 'mind substance'. This concept enables us to develop our mind like a combination of mobile apps and the cloud environment.

When it comes to privacy, security and the API economy, I still don't have a clear idea of how to implement E2EE (end-to-end encryption) in the API economy and automation culture, but some ideas are now coming to my mind.

For example, if I develop and deploy a 'zero-knowledge data API' based on MongoDB, you can use the data API for your database or data store. All the data is encrypted and stored in the collections, and I can't find what's in them. It might sacrifice full-text search or search performance, but it's a trade-off.

You don't necessarily build and own all-in-one software because we live in the API economy. SaaS should no longer be a form of web application with screens. We can collaborate and connect to get things done.

I'm no longer a programmer and can't write apps from scratch, but I have ideas. So I'll be sharing ideas with you here, on my blog, and in my GitBook with repositories. To make the world a better place, together with you!