Inverse Correlation Between Deception and Creativity

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 27 August 2023

If you want to unleash your creativity, a look at mind control techniques and human history will help you gain a wider view and a broader perspective.

Today I want to talk to you about the inverse correlation between mind control and creativity. This topic is deeply involved in critical things in your life - dismantling your mind control, working more creatively, activating your 'unused' consciousness, implementing more mind components and mental models.

This week I have some opportunities to meet with people who are firmly and deeply in the mind-controlled state. And during the face-to-face conversations, as I listened carefully and felt deeply into what they were expressing in different ways, I had noticed a simple way to unleash your creativity - by dismantling the mind programmes in your mind.

This idea is supported by scientific research into creativity and mental health. So if you want 'proof', please do your own research on the subject.

When it comes to the inverse correlation between mind control and creativity, ordinary people are more likely to imagine religious cults or conspiracy theories. But in my opinion, CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and employees are also heavily mind-controlled. In fact, we're all mind-controlled.

In the case of art and design, both often use a mind control technique - affordance. This technique silently guides your subconscious mind to get things done seamlessly. This affordable technique is used everywhere to enslave humanity in a very limited area. I call this hidden formulas in the sense of black magic.

Looking at some research on creativity, both logical and physical distance affect your creativity. This design is related to the human device and the collective/genetic mind. This means that we've developed our mind cages on a platform called the deception systems.

The deception systems provide a simple and powerful solution - a model to be implemented and inherited. This model is a blueprint based on mathematical formulas - the hidden formulas of black magic. It can be described as the 'philosopher's stone for enslaving people'.

This black magic defines and pertains to what you think and do in everyday life. As I've said 'implement and inherit', the model is genetically implemented and inherited over and over again in human history. It's nested inheritance and layered systems of mind control. This is why I always say that the deception systems consist of many illusion systems and countless mind cages.

How mind cages work

People who are heavily mind-controlled think, speak and act according to the same patterns and programmes. They're always concerned about position and hierarchy, they take full advantage of others for their desires, they talk a lot before listening to what others say, and much more.

The reason these behaviours can be observed is because they implement and inherit the same models - master and slave, linear space-time and survival mode. They are always in survival mode, linear space-time, pyramidal hierarchical structure. There's no real creativity.

The experience of 'before and after' in everything gives you the difference between before and after.

If you used to smoke cigarettes and weed before, you can have practical experience of the difference. If you took tons of sleeping pills before, you can experience the drastic change in your health. If you tried to kill yourself and almost died a few times, you know how creativity and habits affect on your overall health. And if you used to eat the carcasses of tortured and slaughtered animals, you now know how different being vegan or vegetarian is different in terms of vibes.

The same goes for dismantling the mind control programmes. If you've been patiently peeling away the layers of the onion skin over and over again, you're relatively free from the mind-controlled world, so you now know how mind control and manipulation work on our individualised and collective minds.

It's the inverse correlation between mind control and creativity.

When you're heavily mind-controlled, you implement and inherit very limited core models, so your perspective is also very limited. When you free yourself from the limited core models, your creativity will be relatively unleashed. That's because there's a logical and physical distance between you and the models.

This distance is taught as transcendence in Hinduism and Buddhism. It works as a dispersal of the black magic formulas by putting enough distance in between. With this approach, the black magic formulas are relatively small compared to before when you focus too much on the limited area.

This is also closely related to the concept of linear space-time.

If you focus too much on one thing, your consciousness will implement a small amount of vibrations or bandwidth. This can be observed as you always take an incremental procedure to get things done. It's effective for completing a certain task, but it also kills your creativity. This means that the concept (model) of linear space-time helps you get a very small thing done, but it also kills your creativity, sovereignty and freedom since it acts as a powerful mind cage.

As you free yourself from the linear space-time, your creativity will be relatively unleashed with a wider perspective. This state can be achieved by introducing the object-oriented methodology into your mind system.

The object-oriented methodology helps you increase the density of information you're dealing with in the present moment. In the context of vibration, you perceive more waves and more vibes at once. In terms of objects, you're simultaneously holding 10x more objects than you were before. This actually gives you more creative ideas.

And that's why creativity is about abstraction. Being specific means that you're focusing on a very limited area, so if you want to be more creative, firstly you look at the distance in between, and then secondly you get rid of the linear space-time model with the object-oriented methodology. After that you'll find that you're already using your consciousness with more mind components - a broader mindset and multiple mental models.

P.S. While writing this insight, I've come across a lot of electromagnetic and genetic attacks. This could be an important topic for humanity.