How to Extend the Linear Space-Time

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 15 July 2023

As you free yourself from the linear space-time and its limitations, you'll have more choices to make. This is called consciousness expansion and increasing of information density.

Expanding your consciousness is like a healthy diet with workout menus. This step-by-step approach also includes the menu of applying multiple measures to your mental model(s). In this case, multiple measures are multiple scales of space-time. Mental models are used as a set of levers to take action and understand things easily. Like an AI model, a single mental model gives you a shortcut or logic of "if you do X, the result will be Y".

For example, to become healthier, you might want to go vegan. The next step could be intermittent fasting. Step 3 will be introducing a vegan keto diet. Step 4 will be HIIT workout 3 times a week. In the same way, you can add multiple logics (models) to your mental system, which is currently dominated by a single logic - the linear space-time. The language we use is based on this single logic, and the mathematics we use also inherits the specification of linear space-time.

The first step in extending the linear space-time is to learn to think and perceive the world in an object-oriented way. The object-oriented way uses linear procedures, but in most cases objects and instances are understood and used outside of linear space-time. Then you can add more concrete phenomena and rules. For example, you can stop using the Gregorian calendar in your personal life. Instead you can use lunar and daily cycles. Then add the concept of networks and nodes to your perception.