How to Broaden Your Perspective for Insights

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 29 October 2023

To think creatively like an artist or a consultant, you can evolve your mindset by broadening your perspectives. Then you'll get deep insights that will surprise you.

Today's topic is a combination of multiple perspectives and creativity. You can think creatively when it comes to getting deep insights. Here are the things.

  • You can have 3-7 perspectives for thinking and acting
  • Multiple perspectives give you multiple mental models
  • Multiple perspectives and mental models give you innumerable data
  • Innumerable data can be integrated by your assumption
  • Your assumption can be evaluated with multiple issues and projects
  • Your evaluation helps you find patterns and hidden orders
  • So your assumption evolves from imagination to models
  • Your models are integrated into a new mindset
  • Your new mindset naturally leads you to creative thinking
  • As a result, you get deep insights from the chaotic status quo
  • Then, like an alchemist, you derive the order from the chaos
  • Finally, you will get a framework to thrive strategically with the planet
  • This framework acts as your philosopher's stone
  • Your philosopher's stone is a mind tech for your consciousness
  • You evolve with the technology and free yourself from astral restrictions

Please use these points with the following content to think deeply from multiple perspectives. So at this point, in this short insight, I'm not going to tell you how to broaden your perspective. Your imagination, your mindset and your actions are the key factors for success.

But one super important thing I could tell you is that the philosopher's stone is evolving as your consciousness awakens and our collective consciousness opens. So your stone no longer belongs to the astral realm or the astral body, it belongs to your consciousness and the mind technology. It's a catalyst for you and a mind framework to implement.

Let's start with a real use case.

When I work as part of a consulting team for a large enterprise, consultants (myself included) often try to see things from 3-4 different perspectives - the bug's eye, the bird's eye, the fish's eye and the satellite's eye.

If you were responsible for a particular programme that included several projects, you might want to see things from multiple angles. Sometimes you want to check the whole timeline, sometimes you want to zoom in on a particular issue, and sometimes you just want to look at workflows and resources.

But I think there're at least 2 more important perspectives - the galactic eye and the creator's eye. And if I were to add 1 more perspective to them, I would call it 'the ruler's eye'.

Everyone in the Internet world often talks out loud about conspiracy theories, depopulation, global elites, secret societies, the incunabula, and the emperor and his servants. It also includes the global gold fund, religious dogma and mind control, and the drug-medicine business.

I'm now reading a book by Jaques Attali called 'Le monde, modes d'emploi (The world, instructions for use)' and am wondering from what perspective the author is writing and what their objectives. In this book, the author refers to the world government. The same organisation is also referred to in the AMORC materials.

One thing I always feel is that there's a serious lack of integration and coverage for the data and information we get and consume. And this 'connect-the-dots' and 'find-the-hidden-patterns' approach can't be relied on by other people. Only you can do it. This means that deep insights are always up to you.

To derive order (patterns) from the chaos (data), you must first dive into the vast ocean made of scattered innumerable data. To make this possible, you might want to have 4-7 perspectives, from the bug's eye to the creator's eye. It takes a lot of effort and stress, but you'll get something valuable out of it.

This approach is also effective when you're trying to start a new business or trying to help CxOs and employees of a large enterprise. Let me explain how I try to think and act at the same time.

In a consulting project, I always think not only about  their vision, mission and value, or focus on a small problem, but also about the investors and global elites who own the company. There is also an assumption involved:

  • If I were one of the rulers, how would I think and act?
  • If I were a secret agent on an undercover mission, how would I think?
  • If I were a CEO or CxO, how would I manage this small project?
  • If I were a strategist, how would I manage the systemic relation between global investors and employees?
  • If I were one of the human reps of ancient deities, how would I take back ownership?
  • If I were a startseed on a covert mission, how would I plan and act without support?
  • If I were the Creator or the True Source, how would I feel about the status quo?
  • How would I serve not only them, but the whole planet and solar system?
  • And how could I implement this small project with technology, PMO and other skills?
  • Most importantly, how would I hack and help the hive mind and collective consciousness?
  • What outcomes would I focus on to solve problems and add values to the project?

This means that I try to feel, think and act from the multiple perspectives when building strategies and action plans. It's not necessary to tell my clients how I think, so I can think freely and creatively. They just want the results they want, based on well thought out plans and actions.

The most important thing is to hide your true plan and strategy and translate it into your actions. You don't necessarily have to express what's under the hood and how you feel and what you think. You're just following the galactic principle of 'movement is common language'.

This approach seems to be well used by the rulers and their human reps.