How Dichotomy Misleads

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 17 July 2023

The technique of dichotomy is to set up the 2 categories as a polarity. So that consciousness and energy flow into the polarised system by following the business strategy and system rule.

The shocking truth is that all of humanity has been misdirected and trapped in the very small cage of the deception systems. We are trapped in many ways, but the most impactful strategy is the dichotomy. Dichotomy is a well-designed and simple strategy based on the principle of polarity.

The principle of polarity is one of the key principles in the deception systems, as well as the principle of gender. Most spiritual or mystical people believe that these principles are universal, but they aren't. These principles are the ground rules for controlling and manipulating people on Terra Earth.

The truth is that the principles of the deception systems are based on the special types of consciousness known as the four basic elements and the pure energy called the Prima Materia. The notion that the universe is mental clearly describes that the universe we collectively recognise is the mind system.

In this context, you will see how the dichotomy has been used for centuries. God vs. Satan, good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, ascending vs. descending, spiritual vs. material, positive vs. negative, ether vs. astral, light vs. dark and much more. Everything is divided into only 2 categories, and in most cases classified as right and wrong sides.

Think of light forces and dark fleets. Remember the polarity of the positive and negative Anunnaki groups? This extremely simple mental model and fixed mindset obscures the truth and distracts you from seeing directly what is happening. The balance of power and conflict is not a simple polarised system.

The current civilisation and globalism, for example, are not been driven by such a simple polarity. There's no such thing as a good side or a bad side. In the same way, in the invisible realm of Terra Earth, it's not as simple as White Lodge and Dark Lodge. Both sides are in the mind cages and are trapped in the illusion systems.

The oldest and core group of human reps who serve the ancient deities are now about to begin their ideal civilisation by gradually manifesting to the fore, and they have been hidden and suppressed by other forces in human history. But I couldn't classify them as good or bad, right or wrong.

I once investigated the cultural and information structure and realised that invisible species and the human reps have been struggling with other forces and groups. Sometimes they cooperate, and sometimes they fight, and often they seem to have fragile alliances driven by interests and fear.

I feel and think that now is the significant time when all forces, including both humanity and the invisible species, are partially cooperating, relatively going in the same direction, seemingly trying to achieve the same goals. But in my opinion, the goals are different when they are on the same path. Their ideologies and goals are actually growing in the same field, but we don't know yet if they will bear the same fruit.