Find Breakthroughs in Flow

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 20 July 2023

Why do you download the data from somewhere invisible? Why can't you explain the data in words? How do you read the akashic records? These questions will give you an important idea of how to dismantle the great ancient magic that keeps you from sovereignty and freedom.

Imagine that you're a determined and skilled hacker. You're trying to gain unauthorised access to a large storage area to steal the secret data. But you've come up against a huge wall. The wall is a kind of challenge to retrieve the data as files. Only you've got is so many small chunks of data, not files. You've gained unauthorised access to the data, but you don't have the information you want.

This thought experiment is not 100% accurate in hacking cloud computing systems, but you can easily understand how Heaven has been sealed in human history and how the components of the human soul are managed by the true hidden rulers - the ancient deities. Understanding of the deception systems can be easier if you throw away the dogmatic notions that have been taught by religions, mysticism and the spiritual industry.

Let's take a technological approach rather than a moral one. Since technology is based on scientific knowledge, both the technology itself and the genetic expression, you can get a lot of inspiration by being a master of observation and evaluation.

Think of Heaven as a large storage space. It's made up of etheric substances. And the etheric substances are made up of a variety of different types of consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy transform and produce plenty of kinetic energy from potential energy. Kinetic energy is perceived as like electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is used from the quantum level to the material level. And most importantly, energy and information, of course consciousness, can't be separated.

In this context, it can be observed that the large storage space is a vast network and nodes like the Internet web. The network and the nodes are inter-dimensionally integrated and they are actually the large storage space as a whole. Everything is in motion, producing so much information with kinetic energy. But all the objects, and components are seemingly separated into chunks even though they are one system, so it's really hard to get the organised information as a form of static files.

The large storage space, including network and nodes, can be described as an analogue of block storage in information technology. Block storage is most commonly used in Storage Area Networks (SAN). This technology allows data and files to be stored in blocks. The blocks are stored in the different locations by breaking them down into small pieces. This means that hackers can't easily retrieve the data they want.

The blocks also have unique identifiers, so they can be retrieved like a set of memories and emotions. They can also be used across different operating systems. This specification is the same as the genetic information and its network. Block storage, called Heaven or the 5th element, also decouples data from user environments that sit on top of the nested virtualisation and data is diffused across multiple virtual environments.

These multiple virtual environments have been referred to since ancient times as the astral plane, the mental plane and the material plane, as well as etheric plane. In other words, the nested virtual environments are called the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

That's exactly the mind system of humanity. In addition, the part of the etheric storage area known as the akashic records is also a part of the deception systems, specifically it works as a part of the block storage. So you can read limited information in blocks, not words, and then translate and encode it into a human readable format by merging it with your genetic system and your vibes.

That's why I sometimes have the clairvoyant feeling that there's a great wall of ether preventing us from moving forward. It's a feeling that can't be explained in words, so instead I created a 30-second sound art.

Let's go back to the technological approach. How can we dismantle the great ancient magic and technologies to free ourselves from the state of enslavement?

Our strategy is to target the flow of information. As I mentioned earlier, you as a client can read the akashic records by controlling and collecting small pieces of information, so that you can also hack and push a leverage point by focusing on the flow of information rather than the blocks of data. In other words, you analyse systems by focusing on controllers, not small entities.

In systems thinking, the structure and flow of information is one of the intermediate and effective leverage points. This means hacking the controllers that manage the mind systems, especially the storage space. Since the controllers also manage our individuated consciousness and energy in the form of human souls, so our starting point is always ourselves. And the controllers use the genetic network systems and they also use the etheric block storage, so a very few determined alchemists have always targeted mercury as a vital part of the human body and mind systems.

The reason why you and I are targeting the individual mind and the genetic mind as mercury is because of the higher level of leverage points. Hacking the flow of information with its structure in the mind system of humanity from the individual level directly affects the collective systems. This is absolutely the leverage strategy. The leverage strategy has been secretly called as the 'philosopher's stone'.