Don't Let Your Reality Be Bent

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 19 July 2023

In business, money plays a vital role of fuel and circulation. It's like a blood circulation in the human body. But most companies seriously focus mainly on how much blood they can make or take. Where's the purpose of keeping them alive?

Growth is one of the most misunderstood and distorted concepts in human history. In most cases, growth is interpreted as increasing size by adding many more elements. The 'more and more' mental model is cultivated and accelerated by the economic platform, which is the core component of the mind cage and the illusion systems.

Ironically, consciousness expansion and recovery yourself from the extremely limited version can't be achieved with the mental model and 'growth mindset'. To make it possible, you must throughly declutter and purify what you currently have. It's exactly the same as healthy eating and weight loss.

If you were going to introduce some aging-back supplements into your lifestyle, what would you do? For me, the first thing I would do is declutter. I'd review my habits, routines and what I usually eat, and then I'd cut out all the things that don't fit with the new goal. I would stop doing a lot of things that were holding me back.

That's exactly what I did. Going vegan was the thing. So was intermittent fasting. Quitting cigarettes came naturally. Vegan keto is effective for regular maintenance. I have let go of so many things, not just the food I eat, but also the things I was emotionally attached to.

This is called purification in alchemical terms. To free yourself from the limited version of the illusory self, you can't tightly hold on to the small things. The small things are like bubbles in the ocean. To feel the ocean as a whole, you can't limit yourself in a bubble, as a bubble.

After a massive letting go of the things that are holding you back from a healthy lifestyle, you can finally add some ideal items. So that you can push an effective leverage point with less effort.

The same goes for the economic platform. You may start out with the goal of changing the world for the better place with your own business. But the unstoppable 'growth mindset' and the 'more and more' mental model gradually bend your reality. You unknowingly start to pursue a different goal, such as how much money you can make. You end up with making a lot of blood instead of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

In the same way, in the digital world, most companies try to add more apps and systems to the existing organisation. They think it's about integration and leverage, but the truth is quite different. The more they try to make money by adding apps and tools, the more they push the wrong levers. As a result, the tech industry starts building more apps and tools to integrate and fix the wrong levers.

That's how the deception systems work. The mind cage and the illusion systems keep pushing you forward. The message the rulers send through the systems is 'don't stop and do more'. For when you stop and remember who you really are, their hidden agenda and the entire system of deception is revealed.