New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

The Power of Magic and Information Density

Losing high information density means losing the power of magic. But you can take full advantage of the status quo for the coming era of high information density.

Privacy, Freedom and Open Source

The world is changing with science and technology. Unfortunately not by the spiritual, religious, economic or political mainstream. Open source ecosystems are now a vital part of our sovereignty and freedom.

The Myth of Bliss and Fear

We tend to avoid fear and to pursue bliss. This tendency has been thought of as a natural inclination. But it's NOT true. We're all programmed and trapped in the artificially conditioned systems.

Think Outside of the Systems

We tend to think that complex things are intelligent and advanced. But the most of the time when you think about these things, you're thinking inside of the little box.

Remove Mind Implants to Be Pure

As you detach the mind implants from your system, you will experience some strange dysfunctions in your daily life. This may feel like a return to your childhood.