New Era and Best Civilisation

We integrate consciousness and technology for collective sovereignty and freedom.

Conspiracy With Ascended Masters

There is a lot of encryption in this literature. To decipher the hidden information, you and I must first discard old mental models and immature mindset.

The Emerald Tablet Deciphered by Ancient Dynasty

Discover the hidden truth of the philosopher's stone and its connection to astral power and magic. Uncover the secrets of ancient dynasties and their use of alchemy.

Pack the Past and Travel Time Here and Now

Discover the profound journey of a young philosopher who has finally unlocked the secrets of time travel and the interconnectedness of space-time.

Taste the Wind

Taste the Wind is a captivating exploration of self-realisation and the beauty found within nothingness. Discover the inner light and embrace the void.

A Small Shrine and a Long History

Experience the rise and fall of the villagers' wishes and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the shrine's present state.