Chapter 5: The Art of Consciousness Hacking - Shaping Reality with Technology

[book] Posted by lemur47 on 4 July 2023

There is more information than ever before, a technological approach can help you create order out of the chaos.

The Benefits and Advantages of Technology

Recently, I have been actively involved in the animal kingdom. In particular, I have been building relationships with birds over the last few years. My latest attempt is to join the communication network of crows.

This is, of course, closely related to magic and alchemy. It involves establishing communication protocols with animals and understanding their specifications in order to develop enhanced psychic abilities. More specifically, it is also a shamanic activity to understand the challenges and demands of the animal kingdom.

It is we alchemists who study it comprehensively and technically as a 'technology of consciousness and energy'. It is you and I who strive for generalisation rather than the elitism of bloodlines and genetic push.

If it is the elite spiritualists who inherit the ancient philosophers' belief in the necessity of mediumship and ritual, it is we who put it back in its right place as an 'activation trigger' rather than an essential task for humanity. It is as if we were trying to build civilisation by relocating the culture that imposes certain practices as universal rules in the best place and generalising them together with technology.

By the way, participating in the crow's communication network is like interfering with its network. This is demonstrated by the fact that participating in the relay of information causes a series of small disturbances and suspicious movements. It is a kind of hacking. So we do not want to disrupt their system environment just for fun.

Connecting to all states and forms of consciousness means dealing with vast amounts of information. In particular, the feedback loops of emotions and the vortex-like energy that their movement generates. So when gifted people, HSPs, vegans, etc. become emotionally involved, they also absorb a huge amount of animal suffering and sadness. It is a huge amount of information, valuable dark data, of which the majority of people are completely unaware of. However, there is also a risk of messing around with too much emotional energy to hold on to.

What is useful here is the 'technology' approach. This is because, as we have discussed, it is possible to analyse things as a system, to define the optimal problem-solving areas (domains and sub-domains), to select the context that should be prioritised from a bird's eye view, to understand the elements that make up the context, and to design improvement plans (robustness analysis). In contrast, most people suddenly rush into detailed design and suddenly launch mysterious copycat apps and off-the-shelf marketing campaigns.

The aim of using consciousness as technology is to avoid being vaguely at the mercy of vast amounts of information and energy. To achieve this, logical boundaries of domain, system and context are established to control the focus by themselves. Analysis paralysis is avoided through prototype evaluation and design thinking. The people who are capable of magic and alchemy are the ones who can carry out all these processes at a speed that is unbelievable according to common sense. So it should be understood that it is not about superiority, but about adequacy.

When these factors are taken into account, the short-term benefits of treating consciousness and energy as technology are understood. The long term benefit, by the way, is the great enterprise of building civilisation - the 'magnum opus'. It will be a way of life for members who like start-ups and new businesses.

Organised in the context of short-term benefits, there are clear and objective goals and indicators for acquiring skills and the cultivating a hacker mindset - strengthening psychic abilities and familiarising oneself with the book of nature. It is like a road sign for gifted people, creators, mechanics, ambidextrous people, HSPs, vegans and vegetarians.

If you catch a glimpse of it, you are on the right track. In a way, this is the preparation and investment phase of the magnum opus, which is a huge task. At the same time, its non-linear objectives and indicators serve as a 'strategic blueprint'. To describe it in magical terms, it is a system in which the blueprint projected into the ether is directed by astral strategy and achieved through tactical and decentralised action.

To put it in a way that resonates a little more with the gifted and creative, a systemic approach to solving an individual's difficulties in life is at the same time an investment in the transformation of the world. This means that for you and me, the general question of 'who are the clients and where is the market' is not very useful. This is because the assumptions of the logical boundaries are misaligned. The world judges it as 'you are out of alignment with society'.

This is my personal view, but I believe that the reason for the existence of gifted people and HSPs and the cause of their difficulties in life is as follows. In short, the pain is due to the fact that they are ahead of the human evolution. In other words, it is a simple expression of the paths and challenges that the majority of people will follow in the future. Remember the innovation curve?

This is why I wrote earlier that "[the majority of people] will have their hands full with their own adaptation to their environment, and it will be extremely difficult for them to handle large amounts of information and energy instantaneously as active, highly decentralised and autonomous organisations". It is not that gifted people are special; it is a matter of timing and order. I have a feeling that sooner or later all individuals will face this challenge.

This means that, just like the global warming trend, the way we perceive it will depend on 'which part' of the human evolutionary trend we are sampling. This is why domain modelling, which looks at multiple problem-solving domains, is useful. It acts as a magic boundary to control one's emotions and mindset. In other words, it becomes a technology that works for both the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The reason life is difficult is that it is an evolutionary process. The status quo civilisation resists evolution through exclusion and obstruction schemes. Violent and aggressive aspects, such as ignorance and incomprehension are also common. It is similar to situations like when the ancient Khem people attacked the survivors of Atlantis because they felt threatened. You can understand that history repeats itself fractally and topologically.

This means that instead of slowing down our thinking and behaviour to solve the difficulties of life and dysfunction, we should expand the area we can handle more, use our speed and go on and on and on. This should be healing and planetary evolution at the same time. And controllable domains and set of technologies will act as a powerful support. This is magic and alchemy.

Disadvantages and Downsides of Technology

Nevertheless, there are, of course, downsides to treating consciousness and energy as technologies and systems. This is clear from the fact that we have already explored the risks of building civilisation on the absolutist frame of dichotomies. In other words, it becomes a stereotype.

Let's examine this more closely. This is manifested in the attitude of applying the 'chakra system' or the 'magic number seven' as a fixed framework to the whole universe. This is a simple example of the downside. In other words, it leads to narrow-mindedness and distortion of information by trying to understand everything with a single measure.

One mental model, one scale, one approach. It is a method that humanity has always preferred and actively adopted. As a result, unnecessary competition and punishment increase and everyone suffocates. We are locked into such a fragile and inflexible system structure. I call this the 'mind cage and illusion systems'.

A simple analogy is that 'to people with a single hammer, everything looks like a nail'. This is very evident in the hype around AI being all-powerful, and in the tactics used to mislead management into the fraudulent idea that generative AI can be trusted to do everything. We need to think and evaluate for ourselves.

The spectrum of light is not fixed. It is only the part of the spectrum that is currently the focus of our collective perception. The same applies to the chakra system, which is expressed in a similar spectrum. It is not a measure that can describe the whole universe, it is only a part, even though it contains the (fundamental) whole, like the overtones and the vowels. This concept also applies to the four basic elements and the fifth element.

So trying to think of everything in terms of chakras is problematic. It is also arrogant to think that everything can be understood through the aura. Likewise, we, magicians and alchemists, must avoid fixing the logical boundaries once we have established them. For this is the same as fixing the magic boundary permanently.

This should be understood mathematically. In Babylonia, the system was based on the '60 decimal system', which did not include zeros, and it should also be possible to change our system to 'base-9 numbering' and run it as the basis of civilisation. Computers commonly use are digital and binary systems for calculations. The same goes for smartphones.

I recommend not only reading books about field recording, but actually going out into the mountains and recording the vibes of nature. There you will find a world of sound with a variety of different textures in every bandwidth. Hearing it in real life, monitoring it and checking it when you get home will give you a completely different picture.

Why is there such a difference? It is not only because the environment has changed, but also because the state of one's consciousness and mind has changed, some sounds are filtered through the device, and the human device (the body) perceives information outside the audible range as 'quality and vibes'.

In other words, the world is made up of a complex web of problem-solving domains that cannot be understood by a single mental model or a single measure. It should be perceived as an entanglement, not a hierarchy. It would be too wild to explain it only in terms of the spectrum of light or the seven chakras.

The same goes for quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics and physics are studies, theories and sciences, not technologies, but the spiritual industry that tries to explain everything with its models, is a very strange world to me. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the theory were to be changed.

The hologram of reality is made up of a much more complex and massive amount of information than we humans are aware of. To use a modern technological analogy, it would be like having all kinds of information written into the same area of a crystal storage. Furthermore, it is not hierarchical, but exists as a multi-dimensional grid, like a cloth woven three-dimensionally on a loom. When it is described as space-time, it is perceived as a multi-dimensional network and its nodes.

So how do we overcome the downside of technology and stereotypes?

It is the gifted people. Also, creators, mechanics, HSPs, etc. They have the sense to examine and analyse a single subject from all perspectives to this extent, to observe it from multiple angles with critical thinking, sometimes destroying it, finding connections with completely different things, and reconstructing it with improvements to the result. This is exactly the same process of destruction and creation that takes place in magic and alchemy!

This thorough approach has been described by ancient alchemists using the analogy of 'grinding matter down to its smallest units in a mortar'. This is the process of dismantling the status quo, the four basic elements and the fifth element, in order to obtain the first matter, the prima materia. This is the essence of purification.

In other words, technology can help people with appropriate magic and alchemy to overcome the difficulties of life, and people with appropriate technology can overcome the downsides by working beyond the frame of the 'mind cage and illusion systems'. It is only natural that it is the work of magic and alchemy to work beyond the perceivable reason (frame, rules).

The Door Opens! Integrating Opposites

When the environment is prepared to handle consciousness and energy can be handled as technology, an interesting thing happens. It is a phenomenon where things that were previously thought to be in conflict with each other become less in conflict with each other. In other words, it becomes possible to access a portal to a new world.

This is the dissolution of the dichotomy often depicted in magic and alchemy as the union of the sun and the moon or the marriage of the king and the queen. It is, in simple terms, a yin-yang duality, an electromagnetic field, an experience in which the boundary between matter and spirit disappears. The reason why things that have been in conflict cease to be in conflict is that this leads to the fact that all things cannot be completely divided.

Consciousness cannot be divided. Energy that has been dismantled, purified and returned to its primordial state, cannot be divided. This is because neither consciousness nor energy is 'originally' conditioned to be dichotomous. The dichotomy is, so to speak, an artificial conditioning by the four basic elements, a wisdom designed to enable us to interact with the universe and the natural environment.

It opens the door to the truth that there is no conflict, even though it is perceived as such. This idea of oneness is a template theme in the spiritual industry, but if you observe what people actually say and do, you will find that very few people really understand it.

Because if they really understood it, they would not be involved in polarised marketing. Nor would they create strong contrasts in the oppositional structure with the conditioning of light and dark forces. For not even the definition of 'ranking' represented by higher dimensional beings and ascension beliefs, would have arisen.

What lies beyond the removal of such 'old, fixed, single criteria' is not Light, which includes both Light and Darkness. It is consciousness and energy. In other words, it is the One and the Prima Materia. Everything else is a conditioned programme and hologram.

There are no real system boundaries and no clear contrasts. Personally, I feel that even the cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction is just a trend or sampling. Sampling is also conditioning. The perception of light is also the result of programming. Everything is flexible and unlimited, built by advanced technologies that can create all kinds of things that are supposed to be perceived as complex holograms.

In an essential sense, there can be no such thing as polarisation between waking and sleeping. That is only the case because someone has set a standard (business rule) that says 'up to this point you are asleep and from this point on you are awake'. So if you don't agree with the rules, you don't necessarily have to be involved in the business.

This should remove all unnecessary worries and fears about ascension and vibrational upliftment.

So magic and alchemy are professions that thoroughly read, deconstruct and reconstruct the world, the book of nature. That is why they are suitable for the gifted, the creative and the mechanical. And for those who are in any way 'ambidextrous', this resolution of conflict and the expansion of the world it brings should be understood from their tangible experience.

On the other hand, for those who are not suited to magic and alchemy, this 'exhaustive and extensive investigation, incredible speed, huge amounts of information and theory, and many tactical changes' should disgust them and they should give up halfway through. This is the difference between treating app development as a procedural flowchart, and being able to work across linear space-time in an object-oriented way, while also using procedural methods, so that it is recognised as a professional skill.

Here is an example of the approach that magicians and alchemists might take when trying to understand the contemporary spiritual industry. It would be a design process that "seeks to encompass, dismantle and reassemble everything as a piece of the puzzle, because all information contains some truth".

The process involves a period of deep immersion in the spiritual industry. Otherwise, unnecessary biases get in the way and it becomes impossible to receive things as they are. From the outside, it should look no different to those who go through methods and seminars.

Then there is the phase of analysis and integration. This is where vague and unfamiliar things are thoroughly examined, categorised, frameworks are constructed and a kind of system theory is created. The theory is then thoroughly tested in all sorts of situations to see if it can be reproduced in the real world. This insistence and consistency, akin to madness, is the reason why the world excludes us as anomalies, I think.

The reason why this thorough approach works is because of the art of operation and leverage. Leverage is the tool for doing more with less energy. It is an analytical technique that often used in systems thinking. Identifying the leverage point is like refining the Philosopher's Stone in alchemy. And it can be both a strength and a weakness.

For when leverage is analysed in the context of human and planetary evolution, it can manifest itself as a disruptive innovation. More to the point, identifying a leverage point that undermines an opponent can be used as a very powerful tactic. If chosen incorrectly, it can develop into a case of 'reverse leverage', as in the case of modern AI and IT, where people are manipulated and unnecessary costs are imposed.

It is we alchemists who study this comprehensively and technically as 'technologies that work with consciousness and energy'. The technology developed will later serve humanity in the form of civilisation. In other words, I am comfortable with the expression 'Civilisation as a Service' for a start-up that builds a new civilisation.

Finally, I would like to add something. If you read alchemical books, you will notice that the symbols that represent the resolution of dichotomies are always defined as 'double or triple'. For example, a king and a queen on the sun and the moon. What this means to me personally is 'logic and content'.

In other words, it is the nature of the programme of the four basic elements and the energy that passes through them. In other words, it is the relationship between the application and the data. This is why an object-oriented view of things is the key to reading the book of nature. And its macrocosmic civilisation system interacts electromagnetically with the planets of the solar system. It is astrology and divination that has been transmitted in a degraded form.