What the Rainbow Tells You

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 5 August 2023

Now the way we see, feel and think is gradually changing. As we enter the new era of sovereignty and freedom, transparency and consciousness expansion, we see things very differently.

I've seen the rainbow 5 times in the last 2 weeks. The spectrum of light appeared and disappeared beautifully, it interestingly embodied the concept of fractal and topology with the electromagnetic wave.

As the moon shines by reflecting sunlight, it refracts the waves. As the yellow moon in the night sky is made up of clear blue, light yellow and other bright and dark colours, I can now see some vague colours in rainbows beyond red and purple.

These vague colours aren't as the same bright colours as green and yellow, but I have a concrete experience of how the genetic or collective mind of humanity works in terms of programming and environmental settings.

Please don't say that it's a phenomenon of spiritual ascension or frequency upliftment.

You and I are the modern day magicians and alchemists, which means we're technologists, so let's have a look at what I experienced in a more technical way.

We're programmed with so many coding patterns in repositories of the genetic mind. Some of the repositories belong to your bloodlines and particular species in terms of mind. And the programmes define the our collective behavioural patterns of how we perceive and recognise objects.

These definitions are implemented relatively and simultaneously in our human device. So as our focus shifts, our collective patterns of our behaviour change.

This means that when our collective mind is altered at a certain level, the way we see, feel and think is also altered. As a result, we may be able to see things differently in a wider perspective and context.

It's NOT happening in the way that people in the spiritual industry propagate, but it's happening like a huge collective mosaic system, partially increasing the level of resolution one by one. So our collective way is changing gradually and very slowly.

Don't confuse this with what the spiritual industry has propagated and fabricated.

Changing or altering the way we collectively see, feel and think is NOT a perfect solution to what we've collectively created. Making a few changes to the genetic mind doesn't solve problems, as they believe and market.

The time has come for you and me to disperse what we've firmly made up.

Our genetic mind is changing in the sense that not only the coding patterns and repositories, but also the hacking scripts to detach and dismantle specific programs that monitor, track and disrupt our particular actions.

The time has come for us to throw away the outdated books, teachings and businesses.

They have propagated, fabricated and endorsed the deception systems by parroting the outdated ideas over and over again. They have empowered the mind cage and the illusion systems.

The time has come for us to develop our own way using both consciousness tech and electromagnetic tech.

Now we can see, feel and think differently than before. This is NOT a form of ascension, it's more like a consciousness expansion and our minds are gradually being altered as part of the process - transparency and expansion.