What Is Kototama Technology?

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 11 November 2023

This insight has something very important to do with ongoing covert operations and hidden technology. It can be touched by information technology and observation of nature.

A black crow, who is a friend of mine, hung himself under the electric cable this week. For the first time I thought he was accidentally dead by electric shock and that was why he was hunging on the cable. But it was not like that. He was just playing with the cable, like a human child playing on a pull-up bar.

How crows play

When I saw this exciting thing happening, my heart was filled with happiness. It was a pure bliss to get to know other species and their culture. They sometimes play with the strong wind, like a human hang-glider. They always express their emotions and often say "Hey!" to me, even though I was riding my bike far away from home. This means that they have an invisible communication network, just like we use the Internet.

Especially in the spiritual industry, people tend to look for highly evolved intellectual beings or simply ETBs far away from here. They sometimes try to meet the invisible species living underground. But most of the 'spiritual' people I've met on Earth don't know about the other species they always meet.

Other species, such as black crows or insects, always try to communicate with you.

When they accidentally get into your house, they will express their needs, such as wanting to get out. But most people don't notice what they're trying to say, and the people try to kill them all as 'harmful bugs'. But the truth is that they're always talking to you with their movements.

Even if they're paper wasps or moths, they're expressing what they want. They seem to understand what I'm saying in terms of energy and spirituality. This type of telepathic communication is called 'genrei' or 'kototama' in the Japanese tradition. This vibrational and electromagnetic communication is available to species on Earth.

It's a kind of global language on this planet. And this language works beyond the linear space-time. The most interesting thing about this language is that it uses both sound and electromagnetic waves. Your voice stands for sound art and your imagination and symbols stand for electromagnetic tech.

In my opinion, this advanced 'magic or miracle' technology is like the technology we use - information technology. In my decades of research and experiments, information technology on Earth is a very low level replica of the advanced electromagnetic tech. This also means that anyone can tap into the advanced technology by getting into the details of information technology.

But there's a problem.

The problem is that the advanced communication technology is based on the primitive and universal (galactic) communication. This means that the kototama technology was developed and used by the ancient deities and it was protected and used by the human reps of the ancient deities. And another critical problem related to this could be that the kototama EMF platform is now at the significant point of change.

In my opinion, this change is highly influential in the sense that humanity can regain its sovereignty and freedom. Because this transition to the new era is a very chaotic period where several forces are taking on their covert mission to take over the governance of this planet.

But there's something optimistic in my mind.

If I were a strategist on a covert mission, I would create different types of groups and regions to differentiate people. Everyone is different, so they could be separated according to their inclinations. Some groups would be confined to the strict 'urban' area, but a very few groups would live and work freely because they truly care about the environment and act accordingly.

In any case, each species expresses what's in its mind through its actions. So their actions will create different realities and natural boundaries. Hopefully, there won't be a 'one-size-fits-all' civilisation any more, even though the new age of discovery is now taking place by some very greedy people.