What Happens When You Let Go of Obsolete Stuff

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 23 August 2023

After activating my ability to sense the unseen world, my life is changing completely. The world is now seen incredibly differently, including how we can make our own choices.

Last night I posted a new research article on my blog. The article explores how we can protect our minds from mind control and manipulation while activating and expanding our mind systems to be able to listen to what Nature is saying.

The topic is related to your psychic ability, so if you're interested in expanding your communication skills, please read the article. I've also added a 'table of contents' feature to my blog posts.

When it comes to the similarity between mind control and marketing, I've done a decade of practical research as a consultant. In my opinion, both techniques are the same in terms of manipulation. And the techniques are deeply involved in and inherit the core component of the deception systems - taking advantage of others.

This is why I no longer use marketing activities in my projects. I don't use Google Analytics anymore. I no longer use any other tracking system, nor do I use email or social media marketing. In other words, I discarded manipulation techniques, mind control tools, and legal DDoS services.

Ordinary people might say, "How do you get customers without marketing?" or "How do you get other people's attention to make more money?" or "How do you find profitable customers?"

These questions are reasonable if the focus is only on the tangible world and money. But when I start to shift my focus from the tangible and limited to broader areas, including the intangible world, things are being seen very differently.

A combination of this shift and open projects naturally identifies appropriate personas to work with. This happens because I start using a new technology to work with like-minded people, like you reading this insight. It doesn't matter if we've already met in person. We're already connected.

Yes, it's a mind technology without control and manipulation. It naturally resonates with the like-minded people like you in similar vibes and atmospheres. But, as you already know, it's not the same as the 'law of attraction' that the spiritual and self-development industries have heavily promoted and propagated. It's partly similar, but completely different in terms of consciousness and the collective mind.

As I move into the new era of transparency, sovereignty and freedom, my consulting business is also changing dramatically. It's almost deconstructed and broken, but the most interesting change is the pricing.

Now my pricing has become naturally flexible. There're several reasons for this flexibility. The first is that I'm gradually weaning myself off hourly labour through creativity and technology. The second is that I've come to realise that it's OK not to set a 'one size fits all' price for everyone.

I'm relatively free of the hourly wedge since using cloud automation with Make and other tools, while my focus and productivity are constantly improving. This aspect is important if you're an independent consultant like me, because we work for clients in person. The key is to look at your life as a whole system.

As far as pricing goes, it's fine to set it according to each client. Sometimes my hourly fee is 500 USD, but sometimes it's 200 USD or 150 USD. It depends on the situation and the inclinations, and there're also some cases where I can't control it.

What I can control is a decision-making process with the new mind tech. I always sense, feel and think what they're saying verbally, emotionally, physically and intangibly. Even when we communicate via chat or email, this kind of information is transmitted. In short, I now make a decision, including pricing, with vibes and logic.

What I've learnt from this change is: I can determine how much money I need for a project. And it's a total waste if I worry too much about taking money from others. This means that the people who have already decided to free themselves from the deception systems are also gradually freeing themselves from the money system and its technologies. It's just a temporary method that doesn't have the power of the past.

I feel and believe that we're entering the new era of transparency, sovereignty and freedom.