The Vulnerable Myth of Rules and Control

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 21 August 2023

Now global companies are facing data breaches because of what they have done in secret. There seem to be several reasons for this, but one thing is clear...

A few days ago, a company sent me a marketing email and there's a tagline that caught my attention - more rules, more control. This catchy phrase is related to cloud security and firewalls, but something else came to my mind.

In fact, adding more rules gives you a more robust environment in terms of cybersecurity. 2FA is the way everyone uses it now. You can use facial recognition for not only to unlock your smartphone, but also to unlock the apps you use.

When it comes to data protection, there're many laws and regulations that companies have to comply with. The more rules that are added, the more procedures that are added. The long and complex process is seen by the majority of people as a robust strategy.

Here comes a significant trade-off. Companies have to pay extra costs to comply. Consumers are forced into more complexity and inflexibility with rising costs. To take this advantage of this situation, new startups and services emerge to do the tedious tasks on your behalf. This civilisation has been doing the same thing for a long time.

Managers and developers casually add more apps and tools to their work environment to automate tasks and workflows. This knee-jerk approach invariably triggers critical problems of inefficiency and reverse leverage. As a result, companies and employees are forced to pay additional costs.

There's another trade-off here. Because of the unnecessary complexity and wasteful costs, companies are more likely to ignore, suppress or hide their internal problems and very important customer complaints in the dark, chaotic but deliberate back room.

The age of disclosure has several meanings and root causes. Some of them come from the wasteful things as we explored above, but other come from different areas. The hierarchy of human reps (of Anunnaki and other ETBs) and the global elite may have something to do with the root cause.

In any case, incredibly complex procedures, inefficient rules and pointlessly strict protocols are more likely to have been designed by someone to hide what they want to do in the back room. Religions, spirituality, mysticism and ethics that control and manipulate people in a cost effective way are good examples.

Look at the world. What's happening right now, and what will happen if more and more rules are added?

It will be a dystopia for the majority of people, where they will be very tightly controlled and manipulated in very limited ways. The balance of punishment and reward has been carefully designed, programmed and used by the rulers and their human reps and surrogates.

More rules, more control - for whom?

Where's the self-organisation and self-discipline? To be honest, if we need more rules to have more control, it means that we're a very primitive and low-level species, which is not welcomed by the interstellar civilisations.

Stop adding more things to protect yourself for a while. The root cause of the problems doesn't exist there. It's in our collective mind and the core component of this civilisation. Until we discover, destroy, dismantle and disperse that core component, until we stop inheriting it, we won't be able to achieve a safe, protected and facilitated future.