The Myth of Bliss and Fear

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 26 July 2023

We tend to avoid fear and to pursue bliss. This tendency has been thought of as a natural inclination. But it's NOT true. We're all programmed and trapped in the artificially conditioned systems.

Last night I posted a new research article on my personal blog. It's about the analysis of the deception systems and the idea of how to terminate, dismantle and change the systems for a better world.

While modelling diagrams for the post, I became aware of how we have been programmed with the dichotomous conditions. One of the most influential conditions is: bliss vs. fear.

There are a lot of bliss junkies in the spiritual industry. Bliss works as a happy drug like cocaine and it affects your mind and emotional systems, more specifically, the emotional feedback loops. Here's how it works.

  • You're caught between archetype and chaos
  • You're conditioned between bliss and fear
  • Chaos threatens you if you lose your identity
  • Archetype encourages you to rise to a higher level

As a result, according to the design concept, you're programmed to move up a blissful ladder of spiritual ascension by rejecting the chaos as a fearful evil.

I'm not saying that bliss is bad. I'm saying that we're programmed by these kinds of dichotomous conditions and caught up in the deception systems.

Why do you divide everything into 2 categories? Why do you judge everyone as good or bad? Why do you always think that you need to evolve and ascend to higher dimensions? Why do you think that there are positive and negative extraterrestrials involved in the situations on Terra Earth? And why are you always drawn to books and content about the "light side vs. dark side"?

You're programmed by the rulers. But you and I can terminate, dismantle and change the programmes.